GAPS Intro Stage 1 Roasted Carrots

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by brenda on February 11, 2014

When we are on the GAPS Intro Diet, it feels like I am always cooking. If you’ve done the intro diet, I am sure you can relate. You chop up veggies, chop up meat, make broth, make soup, your family eats it, and they’re hungry again! This food is so easily digestible that your gut [...]

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My family did the GAPS Intro diet again for 1 week–that was about all we could handle, this time around. The GAPS Intro Diet is AMAZING, folks! It’s healing–and if you’ve been through it and are going through it again; it’s torture. But really, I recommend doing a GAPS Intro “cleanse” every now and then, [...]

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We are still on the farm…

by brenda on January 24, 2014

My kiddos and their recent Valentines’ Day projects. We had to find something to do in our empty home while we wait to move! We are still here, waiting for our sale to finalize. Real estate transactions really are like a big domino game. There was a glitch with our buyers’ buyer, which made it [...]

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How to defend your diet at the holidays

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by brenda on November 25, 2013

   photo credit: AJ Schuster The holidays are coming up. For some of you, because you’re choosing to eat “differently” than the rest of your family, the holidays are something you dread. You’re going to be questioned, scolded, and possibly downright persecuted for taking a stand for your health. I write this post because I’ve [...]

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Help us buy a little urban homestead :) :)

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by brenda on November 11, 2013

  Our farm is still for sale. There are a couple of parties who are very interested, and just waiting for things to happen on their end before they make an offer. We wait with anticipation! In the mean time, we are working hard to pay off our farm debts. This means that we are [...]

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Priorities and $

August 23, 2013

I haven’t updated all of you in quite a while. The truth is, I just haven’t felt like writing. We’ve been busy selling things and showing our property, and I’m just tired. My emotions have gone up and down. Every time God moves in our life, I get excited–what does He have for us next? [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Selling the Farm

August 2, 2013

I wrote yesterday about our decision to sell the farm. You were all so supportive and caring! I couldn’t sleep last night, thinking of how we might be able to make it work. Some of you mentioned using a crowd funding site to gain funds to make the farm work out. I researched that and [...]

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We are selling our farm….

August 1, 2013

How do I start? This is such a big change in our life…. This is our fourth summer raising chickens, hogs, turkeys, ducks, and geese. We raise our meat with a no-soy, no-corn, non-GMO feed (we used to use a completely organic feed, but it’s no longer available). We produce an amazing product. The people [...]

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The Cost of Raising Broilers without Soy, Corn or GMO’s.

July 26, 2013

  We just sent out our first e-mail, offering to raise chickens with soy and corn and even GMO’s, only because we are not finding many customers who are willing to pay the price point for our chicken. It feels like we’re going against our own standards–buying a conventional type of feed, with soy and corn, and [...]

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Real Food for Busy People – A 12 Week Video Course!

Thumbnail image for Real Food for Busy People – A 12 Week Video Course! July 25, 2013

Has your summer gone by super quickly? Mine has! We are running a busy farm, managing 2 farmer’s markets, and of course, I’m running this website, being a mom, and trying to cook real food while I’m at it. When you’re convinced that real food is the only fuel you ought to be putting into [...]

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