Garden & Preservation Planner

  • How do you decide what to grow in your garden?
  • Do you know how much to grow?
  • Have you thought about how much your household will use in a year?
  • What seeds do you already own?
  • How long do seeds last, anyways?
  • What seeds do you need to purchase?
  • How much fruit will one plant yield?
  • What are you going to preserve, and how much do you need to grow (or pick on another farm?)

Planning, planting, growing, weeding, tending and harvesting a garden is a lot of work! It’s best to make sure you know what you’ll use and you’re planting only those things! This guide will help you think through what you use and what you really need to grow, where to grow it, how to grow it, and how to preserve it.

Upon purchase, you will be given a link to download this e-book and start using it immediately! Happy planning! :)


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  • Beth Aiken

    Is this a hard copy or e-book?

  • Brenda

    Beth, it’s an e-book. Thanks for asking! :)

  • Emma

    Can you give us an idea what the book looks like inside? Or is it a blank journal? :) Does it have chapters, places to write notes, garden plans & layouts, etc?

  • brenda

    Emma, sure! There are a lot of blank charts to write on, some charts with info (like how long to keep particular types of seeds), a blank garden map, a list of good gardening books, a list of gardening tools, etc. I hope this helps! :)

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  • Alison Sheffield

    I was a little disappointed after purchasing this guide. ” This guide will help you think through what you use and what you really need to grow, where to grow it, how to grow it, and how to preserve it.” This description is a bit misleading. The guide is mostly blank documents for planning, but one must already have an idea on how to garden/canning to benefit from this. It will not teach you how to grow or how to preserve which is the reason I purchased it. I will hopefully find it useful much further down the line.

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  • K. Griffin

    Do you have a sneak peek into the book as to wht the pages actually look like. I am ot one to urchase blindly. Thank you

  • MaryAnn Brower

    How much is $12.95Â please? What does the “A” stand for? Sorry, it isn’t something I’ve seen before and while I will look it up after I leave your website, I thought others might have the same question. Australian, perhaps? This is a reasonable price for a book (actually it’s a bargain) if it translates equally to American dollars (which is the currency I must use) but most people, myself included, won’t buy without knowing first.

  • Brenda

    MaryAnn, yes, it’s American dollars! I changed the font on my site and it added those characters in random places! I will delete it now! Sorry about the confusion!

  • Vanest

    It wouldn’t be wise to purchase this book without more information. Is it an ebook of just checklists that we fill out, or is there useful information and lists (i.e.-seed longevity, suggested plant quantity per person, etc.) included along with the fillable checklists?

  • Susan

    I am curious too on the questions asked by K. Griffin and Emma. I see you answered the cost and ebook question but did not respond to their questions. Is there a reason for that?

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  • Danielle Levins

    Can you please describe what’s in the book is it checklists and blank pages, does it have directions, charts, garden layouts, recipes for preserving? I am disappointed to see that you haven’t answered ANY questions in regard to it’s content style. Like many other homesteaders, we are loathe to purchase something we know nothing about, if this was a useful tool I would love to own it, but without better information as to what this book entails, you likely won’t see as many sales as you could.

  • Chelsey Huttinga

    Is the content area specific, dated, is it charts, a journal? Would love a bit more info, I’m a terrible planner and would love to get a garden planner if I thought it would be usable for me.

  • Kristina

    Looks great but I don’t do ebooks. Available in paper?

  • Kelly Loper

    I’ll also ask the same questions as the other people.. Can we know exactly what is in it? Pictures of the pages, or at least a title page and content info? I can see that there are a lot of people who would like more details, but there hasn’t been any responses. :/ I’m very interested in this book, but would like to know more about it. Thanks!

  • shaun

    I would consider purchasing but I would like to see what I would be purchasing also the tab at the top says your book is only $5 right now but when you “click here” nothing happens and it still shows $8. Do you have a promo code that is not linking up? Please let me know I am really interested in purchasing.

  • EJ Duncan

    I just purchase this book and did get immediate access to download the pdf. The book is mostly charts in which you journal in and also charts that tell you how much each plant will yield so you can determine how many to plant per person. And also what equiptment you will need and such to preserve your harvest.

  • Lotus

    I would love to join in . I want to plant a garden so badly but I don’t know the secret of the green thumb,lol.

  • Nani

    OK….. Paid for this e-book but there’s “no path to download… ” and I haven’t gotten an email confirmation…Is this for real, or did I just waste 8 bucks?…?