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by brenda on November 11, 2013


Our farm is still for sale. There are a couple of parties who are very interested, and just waiting for things to happen on their end before they make an offer. We wait with anticipation!

In the mean time, we are working hard to pay off our farm debts. This means that we are not eating GAPS (so sad!) because we are pouring as much of our money as we can into debt. We’re doing the Dave Ramsey “debt avalanche” thing. It is amazing how much debt ONE season of farming can rack up!! And after all of that work? 6 months of full time farming brought us only $2,000 profit. I wanted to cry when I ran the numbers. I wanted to cry for ourselves and for all of the other small farmers out there. Farming is HARD work, for so little “thanks” (in the way of green thank you notes with monetary value ;)). It makes me want to support local farmers even more.

We have been looking at homes quite a bit. The market is moving fast (for cheaper homes that are not on land, anyways!). We have seen lots of homes that we liked and got our hopes up just a little, but then they went pending. Yesterday we walked through 3 homes. 2 were very nice, one was amazing. I love old homes, but I don’t love the idea of having to fix up an old home. This home was old but fixed up, and done beautifully!!! It would fit our family–and a future bed & breakfast if we want to, when our kids move out. It does not have a large lot, but it has raised garden beds, and a compost system, and a chicken coop. The majority of the homes we have looked at are cookie cutter, newer construction, on teeny tiny lots with zero character (grass, barkdust, a few little evergreen things), and a home owner’s association that won’t allow chickens. Boo! This farm girl would be sad without chickens! This house had a chicken coop!!! 

I want it. I cannot tell you how much I want this house. Lol. Ok, I promise not to get over-dramatic on you! So instead, I’m doing something about it! See, we sit here with this farm debt. And the farm debt impacts how much house we can afford. I wrote about housing and priorities over here. It’s still on my mind. When the farm debt is gone, we will have so much more freedom–to have a decent home (like the one that I want!) and to be able to support farms.

So I decided to do something about it. I have these cool e-books, and I’m going to sell them at a deal right now. I am hoping you will all spread the news–share this deal with everyone you know, please! The more e-books I sell, the more debt we can pay off. The more debt we pay off, the more likely we can afford a small urban homestead, where we can keep growing great food–just smaller scale…and still have chickens!

Here’s the deal:

My e-book, A Whole Food Holiday, is full of traditional holiday recipes, made GRAIN-FREE! If you’re GAPS, Paleo or SCD, or just want to try a healthy spin on some of your favorite holiday meals, you need to check out this book! It’s normally $15.

My Grain Free Desserts book is also normally $15. It’s full of grain-free, YUMMY dessert recipes from 8 different food bloggers!

My Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe book is full of ways to use leftover turkey, mashed cauliflower, etc.! It is also great for every-day, simple, grain-free lunches and dinners. It is normally $8.

All together, these books would normally cost $38, but I am going to sell them, now through Thanksgiving day, for $19 for all 3! Just add them all to your cart and use the code “thankyou.”

GAPS and SCD legal recipes for the holidays

A Whole Food Holiday

GAPS and SCD friendly Holiday recipes for people with compromised immune systems. Whole, healthy, good foods for everyone!

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Grain Free Desserts Cookbook


Grain-free dessert recipes from 8 different real-food bloggers! You can see more info about this e-book here. $15.00

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 Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

Thanksgiving Leftover RecipesGAPS & SCD legal recipes for using those Thanksgiving Leftovers! Many of these recipes would be great for lunch or dinner throughout the fall & winter, and some for the entire year! In this book, you’ll find GAPS & SCD legal BREAD and SANDWICHES! Also, you’ll find soups & other goodies that you and your family will enjoy! If you’d like to learn more, see the Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe book page.


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Remember to use the coupon code “thankyou” to get $38 worth of books for $19!! :)
If you don’t feel like you need anything or don’t cook grain-free, but you want to help support us in paying off our farm debts, you can also donate here:


Thank you–thank you for your continued support on this site! You all bless me and my family a ton!



*Update: We did not get this particular home. We did get a home with a bigger backyard (yay!) but no chicken coop (YET!). Thank you all for your support of our homesteading!! YOU are a blessing to us!!!


*photo credit: Lori L. Stalteri

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  • CrazyIdea

    Where is your farm? What about selling a portion of the land for a family that is interested in building and sharing the work?

  • Brenda

    Hi CrazyIdea, thank you for the thought. We are in Oregon, and we can’t sell off part of our property. It has to be sold as a whole piece, all 29+ acres. We’re ok with selling the farm–we feel like this is the direction God is leading us right now. :) Thank you for the suggestion though! :)

  • Tania

    Brenda, I just bought your books, and I’m looking forward to reading them. I so hope you get the house you want!!!

    By the way, after this promotion is over, I wonder if you might consider self-publishing your books for the Kindle on Amazon. I’ve heard it’s super-easy (some of my friends have done it) and it would introduce your work to a much wider audience – which could translate to more profits for you. Amazon offers a free tutorial that tells you how to format your books correctly. (And no, I have no connection to Amazon other than as a customer.) Feel free to email me, and maybe I can share some links that offer more info.

    I wish you all the best, and I pray blessings to you in all your endeavors. :)

  • Jeni

    We are struggling small farm farmers as well. I completely understand your plight. My grandparents became millionaires farming. But that was back when food came from family farms…not corporations. We have had a dream and are really trying not to lose the farm making it come true. We actually have the same amount of acreage as you and also have struggled with living in a house smaller than we’re used to. I pray you guys encounter a miracle and will keep you in our prayers.

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