How many eggs does a chicken lay per day?

How many eggs does a chicken lay per day?

by brenda on July 8, 2013


If you’re thinking about getting chickens, you might be wondering how many eggs they will give you every day. This is a good question, and the truth is, it varies! I think that there are a lot of misconceptions about laying hens. People think that if they get 3 hens, they’ll have 3 eggs per day. This may or may not be the case.

How many eggs you get from each chicken every day depends on several factors:

  • The time of year
  • The breed of the chicken
  • The age of the chicken
  • Whether or not you have lighting in your chicken coop
  • If your chicken is molting
  • If your chicken feels stressed because of predators, or mites, or a lack of appropriate food
  • How “free range” they are (They may lay eggs that you can’t find)


If you’ve got young hens (between 6 months and 2 years), it’s bright outside, and your chickens are living a relatively stress-free life, you should expect about 2 eggs per day from a coop of 3 hens. Take the number of hens you plan to purchase & multiply them by .75, and you’ll come up with the average # of eggs you will get per day. Example:

2 hens should give you 1 to 2 eggs per day

3 hens should give you 2 eggs per day

4 hens should give you 3 eggs per day

5 hens should give you 3 to 4 eggs per day

6 hens should give you 4 to 5 eggs per day

7 hens should give you 5 eggs per day

8 hens should give you 6 eggs per day

9 hens should give you 6 to 7 eggs per day

10 hens should give you 7 to 8 eggs per day

11 hens should give you 8 eggs per day

12 hens should give you 9 eggs per day

13 hens should give you 9 to 10 eggs per day

14 hens should give you 10 to 11 eggs per day

15 hens should give you 11 eggs per day


There are many people who end up with 15 eggs per day from 15 chickens, or even sometimes 16 per day from 15 birds. If you have this kind of luck, GREAT! But it won’t last forever. The chickens will taper off and start producing less, and the average amount of eggs they produce per day over a year’s time will be something closer to the above numbers.


Do you have chickens? How many eggs do they lay per day?

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  • NMHeckel

    We have 6 hens laying right now (2 others are “crazy broody”–i.e., broody without having anything to be broody on–and 8 others are too young), and with those 6, we generally get 4-5 a day. Very occasionally everyone lays and we get 6, but that doesn’t happen too often.

  • Keith Jones

    We had six, one recently died from the crazy 118 temps that we had, so now we are down to 5. It is still crazy hot (110 yesterday) so we have only been getting three a day from our five hens. It’s just too hot. We had much better production in the spring, typically 5 eggs a day.

  • Kerri Costa

    We have 4 girls and get 3-4 eggs a day… perfect for my husband and I and the occasional half dozen giveaway to friends and family.

  • Lotus Lady

    If a hen lays more than one egg per day, the second egg is only a membrane and has no shell.

  • NMHeckel

    Actually, a second egg in one day will not necessarily be shell-less. Some commercial layers will occasionally lay one egg very early in the morning, and a second late in the afternoon. One of our Leghorns did this last year.

  • Lisa Steele

    Excellent post. No chicken lays 365 days a year, for the reasons you mention. I often advise families they will need more chickens than they think in order to come up with enough eggs for their family.

  • Eva Wright

    I had good results last year with one hen laying one egg in the morning then being bred by the rooster then laying a second egg in the evening but it was a rare deal and then winter came so she stopped laying completely. I’m sure the roo had something to do with it because without him she only ever laid one a day.

  • Britney Greenway Rudder

    I have 6 hens and get 6 to 8 eggs a day, I have three sex link and 3 pellets my sexlink hens lay bigger eggs and one of my hens lays 2 eggs a day and they are double yoked. I thought this was odd and would never happen again until I started seeing a pattern. So I mark her eggs with a x, n sure enough I always get a double yoke.

  • Britney Greenway Rudder

    Pullets*** not pellets lol

  • Britney Greenway Rudder

    Not true I have a hen that lays ab 2 everyday

  • Jen

    I have three hens that lay 2-3 eggs per day. They free range for about 3-4 hours per day and have a really large coop where they walk around throughout the day.

  • JMI

    I have 16 chickens, and get a dozen or so eggs a day.

    Today, there were 20!!! How on earth, I have no idea!

  • JMI

    I just got 20 eggs from 16 chickens. All have good strong shells. It’s mystifying!

  • matt

    I have just picked up 6 rescue hens, now 3 days ago, they are 13 months old and temporarily in a small run until they are let to peck around the yard free range, but yesterday I collected 11 eggs! I wasn’t aware that was possible.

  • brooke

    i have 4 hens and in 2 to 3 day I get about 11 to 12 eggs its GREAT! I feed mine all the left over scraps because when I feed them pellets they don’t lay, so if your chickens aren’t laying try and feed them scraps but know meat they can get really sick.

  • brooke

    mine 4 don’t even lay that much eggs in a year and that’s all 4 of them. They do go off laying when it gets to cold some times.

  • Sheri

    I have 9 hens. They laid all winter long. I was down to 3 to 5 eggs a day. But now they are a little over a year old. I now get 10 to 12 a day. We feed them layer crumbles and corn mixture. We also give them scraps but NO meat.

  • michelle

    i have four chickens 2 rhode island reds and 2 barred rocks all 5 months only the reds are laying how do i get the others to lay eggs

  • Keith Jones

    I am so sorry to hear that, my best wishes for that hen.

  • Emma

    Take her to Vegas!

  • David Trueblood

    Thank you for that
    awesome article! I just bought new incubator because I have a few
    chicks six or seven months from winter and these young hens often
    will lay in winter when others don’t. Is there a chance to give me
    some more indications? I already checked a few web pages like this
    one but I still need
    some help. Thank you!

  • Cat26

    We have 16 hens and have been getting 22-26 eggs/day I was worried they were laying too much. But they are young 5 mths old.

  • Paul Ball

    After 45 years of farming and raising Chickens for Eggs .. Some of best Eggs you can eat seem to be from Rhode island reds feeding them diet of Green Alfalfa sprouts from bale hay. cracked corn, Ground up seashell. and plenty of fresh water .. Egg shell will be extra hard and yolks will be very thick and almost orange in color. That Is really helpful video clip, how to incubate corect –

  • sally

    I have 7 hens 1 rooster they are free range during the day go into a pen during the night for there own protection.we live where there are predators,but I do enjoy my flowers in the summer, and was wondering what flowers were chicken resistant ?I’ve noticed they don’t bother my crocus, but they love petunias!! My favorite.

  • Cassee Labasan

    Actually chickens are omnivores and CAN eat meat, eggs, fish, cheese, all kinds of protein.

  • mike


  • Alison

    Chances are you collected the eggs by early afternoon. While the ladies deposit most of their eggs early, some might drop them later than you collected them, or some laid them very early and much later.

    While most chickens will be regular, if their food, water, heat, and other care are regular, some won’t be … just like people. Young chickens lay lots of eggs, especially in the late winter and early spring. We had them for 25+ years and couldn’t keep up with them at that time of year. We’d box and refrigerate them (we always rinsed them off despite what people say); when we had 10 or so dozen eggs beyond those we ate, we’d put them in a carton and go visit the local home-for-the-homeless. They were SO appreciative! And they loved the Araucana eggs. Ours were aqua.

    Have fun!

  • Alison

    Right! About all ours ever ignored was citrus peel and melon rind.

  • Dawn

    We have six hens we got as chicks in the early spring.We get six eggs every day.the other day we got our six in morning.I went next morning there were twelve.Isnt that impossible in a twentyfour hour cycle.

  • Charlotte

    Have three chickens April, May and June today we found 19 eggs and we only have 3 chickens

  • brenda

    Dawn, I guess you’re just lucky! :) :)

  • Prabhas Goutham

    at what age will a chicken starts laying hens???

  • Alexandra Yuro

    We get 5 eggs from our 6 chickens/day.

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