Let’s Think About Emergency Preparedness

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by brenda on January 19, 2017

One of my New Year’s goals is to gain knowledge about Emergency Preparedness, and to start collecting supplies. As I read and learn, I plan to write posts here.

The questions that come to mind are:

1. How do we prepare for emergencies with a real food (even grain-free) diet in mind? What about food allergies? I’m currently eating Paleo + rice (I know, a little bit of a cheating method, but it’s my version for now). My daughter has a severe peanut allergy and a possible legume allergy. If we were stuck without fresh food, how would we survive and maintain a healthy diet and keep our family safe? I plan to address this.

2. How do we store enough food and water for the size of our family? We have 7 people in our family, 5 of whom are growing (2 of whom, hopefully, are shrinking a bit on a Paleo diet ;)). How do we make sure to set aside enough food and water for them?

3. How do we learn to cook with those emergency provisions now so that an emergency isn’t so much of a catastrophe? I want to be well-versed in cooking with emergency provisions, so that when a disaster strikes, I am prepared and unafraid.

4. How do we rotate our emergency provisions so that we are using them, re-stocking, and only buying what we will really useFrankly, I don’t want dehydrated chili with TVP (textured vegetable protein) instead of meat. Gross. I won’t eat it in an emergency or now. This is what has kept me from purchasing big $4,000 kits of emergency food–they all seem to contain fake meat. Eww. I want to buy what we will use, stock it, and rotate it in my weekly meal plans so that I’m using some and storing some, and buying more of what we like.

5. Where do we store all of this stuff? The garage doesn’t seem like a good solution, because it isn’t temperature controlled. Let’s think about storage solutions for all of this extra food, water, and other emergency supplies.

6. What is the best dehydrated and freeze dried food out there? I plan to figure this out. I just started purchasing some Thrive Life foods (and will sell it if you’d like to buy it–no pressure ;)). I also plan to taste-test some other brands. I’ve been researching these foods for over a year, and keep coming back to the non-GMO, peanut-safe, gluten-free Thrive foods. That’s why I signed up….but we will see what the taste tests prove! And what about making our own dehydrated foods? Let’s think about that, too.


The initial emergency prep subjects I’d like to address are:

1. Water. How much water do we need to store? What kind? In plastic or glass? What about water filtration? Where do we store all of this water?

2. Cooking. How will we cook if the power is out? What alternative sources do we have?

3. Heat. How will we stay warm if the power is out?

4. Food. I’d like to create some emergency meal plans and store up a stash of food. What do I store, how much, and where?

5. First Aid. What would a First Aid kit look like for a prepper? Let’s discuss this. What about essential oils? Maybe learning some basic essential oil usage would be a good idea.


What else would you like to learn about? What books or websites have you found to be helpful? Are you prepared for an emergency?

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