VITAMIX Give Away! Worth $424!

by brenda on April 4, 2013

If you were to enter my kitchen you’d likely see 1 or 2 appliances out on the island. First, you’d see my crockpot, full of broth. That’s common sight in my kitchen. Second, you’d see my Vitamix. About 5 or 6 years ago, my hubby got me a refurbished Vitamix, because I had been wanting a good quality blender. Since the day I got it, I have used my blender a lot! I LOVE my blender.

I’ve been making kefir from our cow’s milk lately, and I’m trying to consume some every day. I don’t like it plain, I need it sweetened somehow. My favorite way to drink kefir is with strawberries and honey, mixed up in my Vitamix. I’ll share the recipe tomorrow!

We make smoothies, pureed soups, banana pancakes and sauces in our Vitamix. It is an essential tool in our kitchen. I don’t know how we would have made it through the GAPS Intro without the Vitamix. I really appreciate the tamper device, because I can push foods closer to the blade and make sure that everything is mixed up nicely. One warning though–you must put the  lid on before you use the tamper device, or the blades will chew the tamper to shreds (ask me how I know! ;)).


So, since I love my Vitamix, and I love all of my readers, I want to GIVE ONE AWAY!!!

I’m giving away a Vitamix CIA Professional with the dial (instead of just “high” and “low” settings). It will look something like this:


Isn’t it NICE? Don’t you want a Vitamix on your counter? Enter below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

By Entering & Commenting, you are agreeing to the following rules & conditions:

  • No purchase necessary.
  • The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning.
  • Winner will receive a Vitamix blender worth approximately $424.
  • Giveaway is only open to those 18 or older and who reside in the Continental United States.
  • Contest ends on 4/12/13 at 12 am Pacific Time.
  • One winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter.  If I find an entry to be invalid (they did not do what they said they did), a new winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter.
  • Winner will be announced here on the blog on Friday, 4/13/13.  The winner’s name will be published in the post (email address will not be published) and will have 48 hours to contact me so I can mail you the blender!
  • By the way, this is technically called a “sweepstakes” not a “giveaway” because the winner is chosen at random based on an entry.
  • Void where prohibited by law.
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  • Denise

    oh how I’d love love love to have a Vitamix. :) AWESOME!

  • Shawnie Ruble Peterson

    I really really really really really need a Vitamix!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Sarah Marie

    I want one of these mega blenders to whip healthy mixes for myself and my family!!!

  • Sharon

    I would love to have a Vitamix for makings soups and sauces.

  • Sarah DeJarnatt

    I’d like to grind wheat with it!

  • Dorothy Miller

    love Vitamix for making salsa!

  • Melton Crew

    I have 5 kids and this sweet little beauty would make my life sooooooo much easier, especially in the morning when I make blender waffles, smoothies or any other breakfast item. I always have to do things in two batches because my blender is too small… Have always dreamed of owning one, just never seems to be in the budget.. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!!!!

  • Joyce Rachum

    Everything! Mostly smoothies though. I would use it but my daughter would be crazy over it.

  • Julie

    I am interested in making my own nut butters and smoothies.

  • Jill

    Smoothies and nut milks!!

  • Shaina Alexander

    I’ve been dying to make a raw cheesecake!

  • NM

    Oooo Been wanting one of these!

  • Christina Cearley

    I had never heard of a Vitamix before, but I’m sure it has to work better than my current blender!!!

  • Angela McKeehan

    I want to make food bars and more!

  • Treechild

    I would use the Vitamix for pureeing soups.

  • Mitchel Balmayne

    Me me me! I’d love to make smoothies with bananas from my backyard garden!

  • Teresa Goodlett

    I would first make homemade mayonnaise :)

  • Jacqueline G

    I want to make…um everything! Smoothies, milks, soups…etc. I have been dreaming about the Vitamix gracing my counter for years…

  • ivy

    I have always wanted a Vitamix! They are awesome! Well, I would make pesto, soups and smoothies, to start with. From there, who knows? thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing appliance.

  • Jenne Snodgrass Glover

    How do choose from the list of all the things I want to make with a Vitamix? Let’s start with breakfast smoothies for my husband.

  • Nicole

    I have always wanted one of these but they are WAY out of my budget! :)

  • Susan H.

    So excited! I’ve been wanting one of these babies for quite some time. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Megan

    I would love to win this and would make a lot of smoothies as well as tons of other stuff!

  • Jill

    I want one for making baby food, smoothies and soup.

  • julie

    I would love a Vitamix! It definitely would be my FAV appliance!

  • Susan H.

    I forgot to mention, I want to make soups!

  • Bobbye Ann Wendt

    would love to use this at the Farmer’s Market to make smoothies . thanks !

  • Aerin Loizos

    Mmmm, so many smoothies.

  • Andrea

    Thanks for the idea of getting a refurbished vitamix! I would use it for soup, mayo, smoothies and more!

  • Beth Christiansen

    I would love a vitamix!!! Great giveaway!

  • Holly Andersen Furlong

    I want to make smoothie pops for my kiddos and yummy breakfast smoothies!

  • Jessica McClure

    I was given a really old Vitamix from the 70’s. First it was my grandfathers, then my parents, and now mine. I would love to have this one for making frozen banana ice cream, baby food, and spinach smoothies (just to name a few things I’d make everyday!)

  • Heather Carlock

    I have a very small old food processor that I have been using to blend foods. To say it falls short is an understatement I desperately need a blender and this one would get lots of use from my family!

  • Tennille Hostetler

    You ARE so nice :) I would love a Vitamix!

  • Pinkchicnic

    Smoothies, soup

  • arcelia castillo

    thank you for the giveaway :)

  • Mel Almas

    I want to win a Vitamix because I LOVE smoothies!!

  • arcelia castillo

    I would make butters and smoothies :) (Forgot to put this on my last comment :b)

  • Jenny

    I have wanted a vitamix for such a long time now… I would make salad dressings, smoothies, and nut milk for starters. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Walt Becky Henry Bonnell

    I would love to make my own ice cream!

  • Lindsay K

    Oh I hope I win!!!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for posting this. I’d love to have a vitamin for smoothies!

  • Jane Blackwood Wagman

    pureed soup would be at the top of my list

  • Tara Kun

    So excited! I LOVE vitamix!

  • Whitney Newsom

    I don’t know what I’d make first! Almond milk, maybe??

  • Angelica Marie

    Smoothies, soup, almond butter, salad dressing :)

  • Sarah

    I’ve been wanting a Vitamix to make fruit and vegetable drink blends more efficiently than my 15 year old Osterizer. I also enjoy grinding my own grain mixes for baking, but I only have a hand-crank grist mill. Which works fabulously, but is time consuming.

  • Margaret Gustafson

    I’d make fresh fruit smoothies and homemade salsa.

  • Amanda

    I think this will complete my kitchen!!!

  • Angie

    Great giveaway!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • Emily Waits

    I’ve been wanting a vitamix for awhile! Would love to win one!

  • Jennie Melton Strope

    I’d like to try some nut flour or nut butter-made with crispy nuts, of course!

  • Jeri Fry Fay

    You are crazy AWESOME!!!

  • Vero Navarro

    Thanks ;)

  • Robin

    We have been looking to purchase a VitaMix. Our sister has one and she makes incredible organic soups and ice cream!

  • Kristi McKenney

    I make green smoothies pretty often and love them and so do my kids! I’d love to win this for smoothies.. And margaritas/piña coladas if I’m honest!

  • Teresa

    grind grain when on camping trips

  • Mary

    Smoothies and soup! :)

  • Kim Busch

    I would like to learn how to make healthy babyfood for my grandbaby that is due is May/June!

  • Rose Richardson

    I want a. Vitamix to make homemade ice cream for my girls this summer

  • Lisa Tunick Boward

    is there anything I *don’t* want to make with a vitamix? that is the question. but we are renovating our kitchen and it would be sooooo cool to plan a space for this :-D

  • Brandy

    I hope I win!!!!!!

  • Tammy

    My husband and I have always wanted a Vitamix, I hope we win :) thank you for such a generous give-away!!

  • Jessica

    Would love this.

  • Sarah

    I want to make fresh coconut milk ice cream!
    Sarah sshuttrbugg at aol dot com

  • Lyd

    i’ve been dying for a vitamix… I’d love to grind my own flour, and finally get a good smoothie maker (mine can hardly handle ice!)

  • ra

    what wouldn’t I make with a vita mix?!…smoothies, frozen banana treats, soups, homemade sauces, salad dressings, mayo, etc, etc, etc…

  • natalie

    I’ve Benn wanting one so bad. I would make smoothie. dressings, so many things.

  • Donna Z

    I want to make smoothies as my kids have been asking for them and I’ll pack them with nutrition!

  • Russell

    Butter, Peanut Butter, Smoothies, and soup.

  • Jennifer

    I soooooo want one of these! What an exciting give away! Thank you!

  • Beki Cowling

    We already have a Vitamix that we use practically every day! But a friend of mine had one that recently broke – beyond repair and beyond guarantee, so if I win, I will give it to my friend :)

  • Carrie O’Rourke

    Nice to see another farm family into great health! We’ve had our Vitamix for over 20 years I think, and it’s probably about time to get a newer model. I would LOVE a professional VM. [I’ve been wanting to make a liver pate again… so that’s what I would make. But we use ours all the times for smoothies, and chopping veggies… now I have to think what all we make…]

  • lynn

    have been wanting one for a long time. would make life easier.

  • littledeer

    Yay, need one of these

  • Hope Wood

    Oh my goodness there are so many things I have dreamed of using a Vitamix for!!! Soups, nut butters, etc!!!

  • Tara

    I would love to make smoothies and homemade “larabars” with my vitamix if I win!

  • Melissa Ann

    Any chance you could do a post on budgeting on a whole foods diet? I’m sort of jealous you have chickens and milk from your own cow. We make about $32K take home and with five in the house and buying conventional raised real foods only it’s hard to keep it under $450 a month. I’d love to add in grass fed meat once a week… but this seems way out of our budget. :(

    Thanks for the fun giveaway :)

  • Ashley

    GAPS pancakes and nut butters!

  • Terry

    Something happened to my Vitamix some years ago when we moved. I have missed it terribly and not been able to replace it. I definitely need a WIN!!!

  • Renee Kohley

    Great giveaway! I would be making nut butters, smoothies, popsicles and soup!

  • Anne

    Would love to make “smooth” smoothies!!

  • Jennifer Marietta Brown

    It would be better at making our daily smoothies than our old Vitamix!

  • Amanda

    I could use a vitamix for ice cream!

  • Robyn

    Would love to have one of these! Would love to make my own kefir, nut milks/butters, & smoothies.

  • Jaime

    Smoothies, etc, etc, etc!

  • R Wheeler

    Thank you for the opportunity for a Vitamix

  • korrinemaria

    Ummm…do I really have to list just one??? Smoothies, nut butters, soups, homemade salad dressings, other healthy condiments – the list goes on and on – as a mommy of 5, I am can guarantee that if I win the Vitamix it will go to VERY good use!!!

  • Milena

    I’ve always wanted one of these! I would like to be able to make my own almond milk. I make my own lotion and my poor blender now is barely keeping up.:)

  • marilyn

    Mostly smoothies and soup but I’m sure I will think of many more uses!

  • Kris Weimer

    I would love to make soup and smoothies and gravy with it! Thanks this is a great giveaway!

  • Jennifer P

    EVERYTHING! No really, I can think of tons of things I’d LOVE to make with this baby. Homemade smoothies, nut butters, soups, salsa… What would I NOT make with this, would be a better question! ;)

  • Tamara

    I’d like to make my own almond butter and other nut butters! thanks for the chance!!!

  • Autumn Dawe

    Mmmm me and my family would love to win the vitamix blender! Would be used many times daily!!

  • Autumn Dawe

    Smoothies, soups, salsa, our nut milks and frozen yogurts, sauces, the possibilities are endless :)

  • Somethings Cookin

    Salsa. Guacamole. Coconut oil bark.

  • Shaye Elliott

    It is my destiny.

  • Katalina P.

    I would like to make lots of smoothies for the summer!

  • Sarah Nicholson

    I would make so many things!! especially smoothies. my in-laws have a vitamix and used it when my husband was recovering from jaw surgery and on a liquid diet. You could puree anything! and it was so easy to clean!

  • Emily P in DC

    I would LOVE to have a Vitamix, I can’t even imagine how much I’d use it–probably every day! :)

  • dblback

    I’ve heard amazing things about them!

  • Spike McDaniel

    Can’t wait to actually have one of these in our kitchen. We make smoothies and such on a daily basis for my wife and I, as well as our three kids. Our 18 month old stinking loves her daily smoothie! Looking forward to making all sorts of smoothies: kale shakes, refreshing celery smoothie, green smoothie, lemon lime sports drink, watermelon agua fresca, chocolate banana nut smoothie, and more!!!

  • Caroline

    I’ve dreamed of owning one! Would love to win!

  • Chani

    I’d make lots of dips for my husband–to go with homemade sprouted flour crackers and delicious veggies. And yummy healthy desserts, too!

  • Tabitha

    I SO need this! My little cheap blender just isn’t cutting it.

  • Brenda Montfort Ucherek

    I love my vitamix – but my 19 year old left for college and wants mine – they are really impossible to find second hand, so winning a new one would be great. I have 3 boys and we use it everyday!

  • Suzanne

    I would make lots of smoothies!

  • Jenna Gahlon

    I need a new blender desperately and cant decide what to get, this vitamix would solve all my problems!

  • Haley

    smoothies, juices, and nut butters:)

  • Josh Mauldin

    These are so versatile! I’d love one!

  • Patti

    Awesome giveaway. A vitamix has been on my dream list for forever, it seems. Thanks for doing this.

  • Becky

    Been dreaming of a vitamix! Feeling good about this:)

  • Jenny Aylward Watson

    I would make smoothies, hummus, curries, soups, nut butters and milks if I had this blender! It would be amazing!

  • Danielle Najac

    OMGoodness!!! A green drink every morning:) It would be heavenly.

  • J

    Can’t wait to try this item!

  • Mary

    I’d make nut butters and nut milk with my Vitamix, as well as soups, sauces and fruit smoothies! Good luck everyone :-)

  • Chris

    I’d love to make a smoothie!

  • Amanda

    I have wanted one for a while now but simply can’t afford one :(

  • Sweethannah

    Anything and everything! but mostly homemade nut butter.

  • Kathryn Rogers

    What would I use this for? Um, EVERYTHING! Baby food, soup, smoothies and anything!

  • Vickie

    I would make many many green smoothies….soup….dips…sauces…YUM< YUM< YUM!!!!

  • Holly

    Super cool!

  • Jennifer Bruner

    I have been wanting a Vitamix for over 30 years. Food and shoes always seemed to claim the money first!

  • Karen S

    I would LOVE to have a Vitamix! I want to make some nut butters!

  • Debra Viola

    I had a wonderful smoothie made with a Vitamix it contained berries and almonds and yogurt. The taste and texture were divine. I think that would be my first Vitamix treat. I also had a hot carrot squash soup made and basically cooked in the Vitamix. It was delicious and I could not get over the fact that no “cooking” was required. The Vitamix did it all. How cool is that?! I have wanted one for several years now but with 7 sons still at home, there never seems to be enough left in the budget to make this purchase. I know that the Vitamix will actually save our family money and make food preparation a pleasure, I just have to start a serious saving plan; so that some day in the not too distant future, I will have a Vitamix setting on my counter that I can use throughout my daily food prep. That would be a dream come true. :-)

  • Carinn

    Smoothies, pudding, ice cream, almond butter, soups… oh, I’m sure the list would be endless!

  • mydivabydesign

    I saw them demo-ing a Vitamix at Sam’s Club one day. I have wanted one since, but my budget hasn’t allowed it yet. Thanks for having this contest!

  • Lisa Andersen Craig

    I’ve been wanting a vitamix for years!

  • Becca

    Just found your blog. I’m super excited to read more. Thank you!

  • Jessica Nuzum Peterman

    I’d love a Vitamix!! Almond meal, homemade coconut milk…

  • Julie Curtis

    Have always wanted a Vitamix, just couldn’t afford one. It sure would make preparing my food so much easier. Love your blog and a big “thanks” for offering this giveaway!

  • Nicole

    I’d love to be able to make flour!

  • Mandy

    I cook all the time, this would really come in handy!!!

  • Michelle Waite

    I want to make smoothies and coconut butter.

  • Jan Turner

    Excited to get your kieffer smoothie recipe…

  • Nora

    I would make soups, smoothies, ice cream, and more,

  • Mamalion

    I’d love to win this. My SIL has one, and says it’s awesome!

  • ssjcjensen

    smoothies, ‘gravy'(cashew), soup,
    great give away!!

  • Dawn

    My kids and I will soon be starting GAPS… yikes! I am excited for the healing ahead, and nervous for ALL the prep work. I LOVE your GAPS info, thank you! We are in the midst of an adoption process from China, and we need to be as frugal as possible. Would LOVE a Vitamix to get us through GAPS :) God bless!

  • Cher

    What a lovely idea! Thanks.

  • Devon Clothier

    I would love to make “Nut cookies”! Soooo exciting!

  • Carrie Knol

    Baby food for the little one arriving in 6 weeks!

  • Cheryl

    Woo hoo! A Vitamix would be wonderful!

  • Corrie easley

    I will make lots of smoothies and juices for my gluten free eating husband!

  • Brandon Elisha Gettmann

    Would love a Vitamix…really wanting to make green smoothies, almond butter, and soups. But the thought of making Kefir sounds awesome. Can’t wait to see your recipe!

  • AnnMarie

    A Vitamix would be helpful and fun to use during what I call Kitchen Crafts with the Kids! Smoothies, Soups, you name it!

  • Kris Snider

    Love to create some new juicing recipes to give to my CSA customers!

  • Kayli

    I’d make soups, smoothies, salsa, almond/rice flour! I’d love one!

  • Faye Kropik

    i cant wait to make soup!

  • Sarah

    I NEED to win!!!!! :)

  • Sarah

    I want to make nutritious soups, sauces, shakes, etc, etc, etc!!

  • Heather

    What an amazing giveaway! Thank you SO much for offering this to one of your lucky fans! :)

  • Raquel

    I would LOVE to win the Vitamix!!! I am sure i would use it for almost everything, but mostly shakes and soups :D

  • Heather J

    I would love using this to make baby food for my son- he has a sensitive tummy and can’t have a lot of the foods offered in the “jarred” baby food section. Also, my son and I are gluten free, so having a Vitamix would enable me to make my own almond flour, which could save us a TON of money over the years!!!

  • suzi

    i want to start eating better and heard juicing is a great place to start

  • Michelle R

    I have been juicing with a juicer that is not quite what I want. I have always wanted a vitamix, Would LOVE to try this out. PLUS, using pulp in my smoothies is just as yummy….nothing like having one machine serve all my purposes!! :)

  • robyn

    I want to make almond milk and coconut milk.

  • Jennie

    Oh man, I have been wanting one for so long. This would be wonderful.

  • Christina

    Ohhhhh!! I’ve had my eye on a Vitamix for a long time now! I want to make juices, smoothies, dressings, etc. This is exciting!! :D

  • Erica

    I would finally make smooth but butters and lots of smoothies. Been saving for one for a year now!

  • Kristaf

    My mom has one and I’m in love….I would love to win!

  • Megan Bell

    I always borrow my friend’s to make almond butter and coconut butter… I’d LOVE my own!

  • Keren Nicole Jackson

    This would make my life so much easier!

  • Shannon Purcell Brennan

    It would be so awesome to win this! I want to make green smootthies, bread and soup with it!

  • Kim Yamaguchi

    What *wouldn’t* I make with a Vita Mix????

  • Julie Seek Sharpe

    My husband says the cuisinart needs to die first. I say they are totally different. If i win it, we’ll both be happy. Fingers crossed :)

  • Connie Apostolakos

    I would love to win a Vitamix – I would make coconut kefir / banana / mango smoothies for breakfast!

  • Stacy Todd-Naquin

    I would love to win a Vitamix! My youngest is a vegetarian, born and bred, but she loves her starch too much and fruit is only yummy to her in juiced/smoothie form. When I blend it all (veggies too) she loves it! This would be such a blessing! Thanks for the wonderful blog — LOVING the “what/how much to plant guide!”

  • Crystal AndShawn Dewey

    I would love to win a vitamix! I find a lot of great recipes that I never try because on a limited budget I can’t afford nice appliances. It would be awesome to have one. The first thing I’d probably make though would be a nice frothy chocolate shake…lol

  • Peg Jones

    smoothie & icecream

  • Meagan

    I’m changing my diet after I was diagnosed with cancer, but can’t afford a juicer/blender as nice as a Vitamix–would be so excited to win one!

  • Crystal Gregoria

    I have been DYING for a vitamix! I’ve been following a raw vegan diet, and a great blender would go far for me!

  • Laurette

    Sweet Vitamix is a dream would be a plus to a healthy life style.

  • angie

    oh yes please….;)

  • Sue Lily

    Hi Brenda. I just found your site! I love people who love their food, their family, and especially, their Lord!

  • Sue Lily

    Hahaha, got so excited that I forgot about the Vitamix comment! I’d love to make EVERYthing in it!

  • kellinga

    We love smoothies and juices in our house but there are some things a juicer is just not good for…smoothies made from thick juicy fruit or avacado’s or similar fruit. I have a friend who has a Vitamix and LOVES it.

  • Timothy Frederick

    Oh how I would love to win the vitamix! I’d use is for everything!! :)

  • Tina

    I’d make blueberry hemp seed pudding with a new vitamix

  • Sandy B.

    I have always wanted a Vitamix!!! What an amazing giveaway!! :D

  • Amanda Mauricio

    I’d make green smoothies all summer long…and finally be able to make mayonnaise in a blender that doesn’t require “help”–while it is running–from a spatula (my blender is older than I am!)

  • Abby

    Lots of smoothies, nut butters, ice cream, etc! I don’t have facebook, but I’m sharing this on pinterest, is that okay to still enter?

  • Tina Brenize

    I have been wanting a vitamix for so long! I would love to be able to make my own almond flour, almond butter, four and so much more! Thank you for he chance.

  • Veachel H.

    Wow great contest, I would want a vitamix to make green smoothies :)

  • Joelandniki Bohannon

    I would definitely use this for making baby and me gluten free flours, smoothies, yummy soups and so much more!

  • mommymayiyesyoumay

    What a great blog! what a great contest! i would love to make new soups and smoothies!

  • Melonie K.

    I’ve heard wonderful things about VitaMix blenders – thank you for the opportunity! I’d like to start bringing more soups and healthy dips for veggies into our menu plan; it seems like this would be the perfect way to do it.

  • Andrea

    I would love to be able to make awesome smoothies, flours and more!

  • Cindy W

    OMG – I lust for a vitamix!! I want to make smoothies. And soup. And dip. And mock chopped liver. And more smoothies. And peanut butter.

  • Julie D

    Smoothies! My kids and I love them, but my food processor just doesn’t make them smooth enough.

  • Lauren Tremblay

    My mom recently purchased one of these and she uses it daily. I want one so bad.

  • Kelly Lockeman

    I have been wanting a Vitamix for months, but my husband says we can’t afford it! :-(

  • Basha

    I would like to make amazing things with this!

  • Janelle

    I’d love one!

  • Jennifer Unruh

    I would LOVE to own one of these!!!!!

  • Kristin

    I’ve been dreaming of a Vitamix!

  • Sharon Wallace

    Smoothies. Definitely smoothies. :)

  • Kristin

    Oops, the list of things I would make is long; lotions, shampoos, smoothies and mixed drinks, Peanut butter, soups….

  • Aimee

    Since my recent (foolish) immersion blender accident I’ve been dreaming about a safer blender to make our smoothies and soups. And the many other things this wonder can do.

  • Veronica Flores

    I wanna make smoothies!!! :)

  • Jen

    I have heard so much about this and we are in the market for new blender as we have a baby girl who is about to start venturing into the world of food. :)

  • Jen

    Smoothies & soup!

  • Aj

    I want to know more about blending/grinding dry ingredients.

  • Tennille Hostetler

    I want to make peanut butter.

  • Carrie Bishop

    Ooh…I would make kefir smoothies, and cream of cauliflower soup!

  • April Anderton

    I’d chop up some Dr. Bronner’s soap for laundry detergent. ;)

  • Rebecca K

    I’ve been obsessed with this blender, I want one so bad! Smoothies, baby food, salsa, so many things I want this blender for!

  • Laura Jane & Jared Boville

    I would LOVE a vitamix!

  • jennifer miller

    I am so happy to have just found your blog (through Pinterest) and great timing, too! I’ve been wanting a Vitamix forever! Our family is wanting to make more smoothies. But we would sure use it for more than that :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  • tcalex

    I’ve seen it’s commercials and can’t wait to make some healthy soups and more for my family. thank you for the giveaway

  • Lindsays Ether

    I would use this for all kinds of nourishing stuff!! I would probably use it a lot to make salsa, pancakes, and smoothies.

  • Courtney

    My blender is a whimp, which makes making our daily green smoothies such a chore! I’d love a vitamix!!

  • Alessandra LaChapelle Byrd

    Vitamix is awesome!

  • Cindy

    I want to make soup, and ice cream, baby food for new grandson, for starters….

  • Nancy Borock Ami

    I have been looking into getting a Vitamix to get a little more nutrionally diverse. I’m a type 2 diabetic,,, heart issues,,, and have been trying to go a bit more vegan in certain respects. This would most certainly help! My Magic Bullet is about to crap out,,,, its been gettting too much abuse making nut butters and creamed coconut!

  • Anonymous

    I’d make a smoothie!!

  • Leah

    My old blender just died, I need to win this so I dont have to buy another POS blender…..I would love to make lots of smoothies and pretty much anything with this beast.

  • dani

    I would love to make hot soups with a Vitamix.. AND fresh salsa!

  • Heather

    Cause I don’t have one yet :)

  • Kelly :)

    I would love to win a Vitamix! I’ve been wanting a nice blender for soups, smoothies, dips, etc!

  • steph lake

    oh man, I want to make lots of things, like organic, sugar free peanut butter

  • jaimey

    oh I would LOVE this!!

  • D. Bali

    I want one of these so badly…I just don’t want to pay for it!! I hope I win :)

  • Denise Coard

    Spring is here…….fruit smoothies and pesto….with all fresh ingredients!

  • Rebekah Nichole Eubanks Taylor

    So awesome! I reeeeeaaaally want one!

  • Melissa C

    I would like to try and make ICE Cream for my son.

  • Lisa P.

    I would make lots of smoothies!

  • Jo-Anne

    Two friends each have one and they love them. Makes great salad dressings, smoothies, just about everything.

  • Jalynn Patterson

    We do tons of smoothies

  • Sandra White

    I would make low carb items such as smoothies and milkshakes for the Hubby :)

  • Tammy

    I’d make smoothies all the time!

  • Sarah

    almond “cream cheese”!

  • Kathi

    Would love to have one on my counter too! There is room!

  • Michele Mack

    Everthing I can, want to make baby food for my grandson, smoothies, there is so much you can do with one.

  • Marjorie Morrison

    I would love a Vitamix for making pesto, dairy-free ice cream, almond flour & smoothies. How fun!

  • Helen Foster

    nice giveaway…hope I win.

  • Britany Simoneaux

    I am new to the scene but glad to be here! I feel as though I am only on the brink of an exciting world filled with so much good information! If I win the Vitamix blender I will be using it to make everything from salad dressings to smoothies to pesto and so much more!

  • Doina

    I wouldn’t know where to start but I’d probably like to blend my orange peels and crush my eggshells. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sara

    I’ve been drooling over one of these for awhile. I’d love to make smoothies and soups with this! The old, cheapie blender just doesn’t cut it.

  • Christi

    I would love one to make smoothies with hidden veggies and fruits for my family. Great way to sneak in some good nutrition!

  • Jessica Matejek

    I’ve wanted one for years!

  • Amanda B

    I have been thinking about splurging on one of these! I’d use it for lots of smoothies and soups

  • Tawnya B

    Would soooo love to win this!!!

  • Sasha M

    I would make almond milk or maybe try the keifr smoothie that you suggest.

  • tawnya b

    Forgot to say I would love to make soups right from the blender

  • Shannon Mallonee

    I want one! I love your blog;)

  • Susan E. Capps

    Want to make the fruit and veggie drinks using the whole fruits and veggies.

  • caitilin

    I’d love to use the vitamix for smoothies and to make dairy free drinks as well as pesto.

    Having a vitamix would be amazing.

  • Heather H

    Nut flour!

  • Peggy

    I want to make gluten free flours. I use Teff a lot and I want to use it for the fine seeds.

  • kmleo

    A friend let me try an amazing smoothie she made with her Vitamix that caused me to ooze with jealousy. I would make that first.

  • Debbie Clark

    I want to make smoothies and veggie drinks from my garden veggies!

  • Rose

    I want to make smoothies and crepes and chick pea “cookie dough”! :D

  • Jody Nicholes Scott

    I want to make my own almond flour from raw almonds.

  • Kerrie Hruska

    I would love to make soups with this Vitamix!

  • Ellen Garthoff

    I love whole lemons in my smoothies. Perfect in a Vitamix!

  • Valerie Daniels

    Need this for all my bizness! Mines in storage 1500wars miles away!

  • Ginny larsen

    Great for low carb veggie sauces and soups!

  • Terra

    I believe a Vitamix beats all other blenders. My mother had one years ago and loved using it everytime!

  • Kathie

    Soup — I want to make soup on the Vitamix. And green smoothies.

  • Sharmista

    Smoothies! Lots of them! I have an omniblender, which is great, but I used my friend’s vitamix and it is awesome!!

  • LA

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • jennifer

    Wonderful giveaway! Thanks.

  • Jen Heppner

    Workout smoothies and soups!!

  • Rachel Larouche

    I want to make food for my baby and myself. I only have a magic bullet and It doesn’t work very well. I need something more powerful! :)

  • Chrystal Patterson

    I would LOVE to win the Vitamix so I can make green smoothies with seeds, while I am pregnant. Also, making broth and being able to mix up the bones as well!!! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  • Alora Thomas

    I’ve always wanted a Vitamix!

  • Sarah Z

    I would love to win a Vitamix, my blender just doesn’t cut it most of the time!

  • Meredith

    soups, smoothies, nut butters, so many possibilities!!!

  • Angelica

    I would love a vitamix!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Ann W

    Use it to make healthy smoothies !

  • Lori Rentfrow

    I have been wanting one FOREVER!!!

  • Althea

    Vitamix is awesome! Would love this!

  • Lou Rouse

    Have heard so much about a Vitamix. Our guess is that it would be just as useful as our Immersion Blender in the kitchen once we started using it.

  • Marla Littleton-Cosner

    Super fun!

  • Debra Sobczyn Scowden

    Generous. I enjoy your posts and following your family. God bless.

  • Laura R.

    I’ve always hoped to get a Vitamix! We LOVE your posts, it’s helped us so much. Thanks!!

  • Sonya

    My food processor dies this week (pureeing frozen bananas!) and my cheap blender isn’t too far behind. The VitaMix is my dream replacement appliance (but not in the non-existent appliance replacement budget)

  • JoAnn Kuhn

    Getting a Vitamix is on my list of things to get when we can afford it. There are so many other things ahead of it though that it will be a while.

  • Faith Chavez


  • Bobbi D

    I want to make soups and smoothies!!! Thanks or the chance!

  • Sinala

    I’ve been looking for a one-appliance-does-it-all kind of machine, and the Vitamix seems to come pretty close. Aside from using it for green smoothies and baby food, I would love to try this blender crepe recipe I just found. Crepes are another great way of using up our own chicken eggs, and the blender version sounds super easy!

  • Vickie

    Come on little raffle copter…..choose me!!!! :)

  • Theresa Swift

    I would make soups, smoothies, protein shakes, ice cream, butter — etc !!!

  • Sara Thelen

    I would make soups, smoothies, homemade ice cream, kefir, etc. This would be a huge blessing to gain in my kitchen!

  • Sarah Doll

    I want to make yummy smoothies!

  • Donna Mc

    Our favorite is kefir smoothies. I don’t have a Vita Mix but it is a dream of mine to one day own one! Maybe today will be my day!

  • Holly Shamro

    I want to make smoothies and nut milks!

  • DEB Tukua

    I love making lots of things since I cook from scratch.But, I especially love to make a black bean soup, guacamole and smoothies.

  • Michelle Parker

    I want to make everything!! I love smoothies and creamy soups but would be able to expand my options if I won this vitamix!! What an awesome giveaway!!

  • Tara McNeal

    I want to make green smoothies!

  • Beverly Terry Allen

    It would be so amazing to add this Vitamix to our kitchen !!! I’d love to make smoothies, soups, nut milks, and more for my family ! Thank you for so generously giving this away. :-)

  • Sarah Sanders

    Where to start?! I’d make donut batter, mayonnaise, smoothies, etc etc! :-)

  • Patti

    nut butters, “ice cream”, soups, smoothies

  • Cassidy

    I would use this to make smoothies and nut butters! Does it grind wheat too?

  • Alison S

    I would LOVE to win this! I would like to make mainly green smoothies in mine, as well as almond milk. But I would also like to try nut butters and a bunch of other things!

  • Heather Blandford McDonald

    My blender is on the fritz. Hope I win this vitamix!

  • jo

    My favorite is spinach, kale, apple, and ginger.

  • Joelandniki Bohannon

    Lots and lots of smoothies!!!!

  • macmic6

    I would love one of these. I love making smoothies with coconut milk and frozen fruit!!

  • Tina H.

    soup and ice cream and smoothies and slushies to start :) Thank you!

  • Teresa Kaplan Biggie

    we have a vitamix and have used it for well over 15 years and it is finally on the fritz so would love a new one…. love the soups, smoothies, greenies, thickies… we use it all the time

  • Beth

    This would be so awesome!!

  • Carol Miller

    Living the Primal lifestyle, I can think of a bazillion reasons to use a Vitamix! Broths, smoothies, soups and sauces… Nut butters, mayonnaise, oh the list goes on! I have a little cheapie plastic blender that is on it’s last legs… The pitcher is warped from the dishwasher, the little black rubber thingy on the bottom is worn down to nubs (smells like I’m burning tires when I use it). So, yeah! I would absolutely LOVE a gorgeous new Vitamix! Thanks for all you do!

  • Sandee Hill

    I would love one of these. I’d use it all the time, but most often would be my smoothies. I make one almost daily, and my poor old blender just can’t keep up!

  • Laurette

    This s ideal!

  • Katie Gould

    I would make soup, smoothies, grind up oats, flax seed, the list goes on and on and on. I have been wanting a Vitamix for about 4 years now, just can’t afford it. Would LOVE to win one!

  • Jarod Ward

    I would make smoothies and pureed soups most of the time!

  • Rebecca

    Seriously a Vitamix is on the NEED list. :) Winning one would be so awesome.

  • jessica

    so many soups

  • Natosha Zachary

    What would I not make? Lol. I would make soups, smoothies, sauces. And I could make so many of them raw because of the Vitamix’s power. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  • Jen A.

    I just found your site through pinterest. I would make smoothies and blended meals for my son who’s fed through a g-tube. Looks like this would be perfect!

  • Heather C

    What wouldn’t I make! Well I’ve been wanting one for a long time, the first thing I would make would be mango sorbet off the Vitamix website. I started researching ways to help my non verbal autistic son and came across your wonderful blog. A Vitamix would definitely help us prepare healthy and nutrient dense food for him. Thank you for all the wonderful info

  • Tessa

    I love me a VitaMix! I have used friends before and have dreamed of having one for myself. I would make all sorts of smoothies, nut milks, sauces, and soups! My favorite would be a green smoothie with pear, apple, flax seed, ginger, and LOTS of leafy greens.

  • alexander berger

    Vita-something catchy- mix, they put several kitchen tools out of use, namely a bar blender, an immersion blender, a full fiber juicer, and for some uses a food processors. I would use mine to make all sorts of yummy health supportive dishes, like this one from my blog spicey avocado chocolate mouse!

  • Lisa

    Would love a VitaMix!!!

  • Grace

    I have been DREAMING about getting a vitamix!! This fall I will to go to my grandma’s old house and pick apples from the trees she and my grandpa planted themselves. I’m super excited to use my vitamix to make applesauce and apple cider (with a cheesecloth/jelly bag). Mmm… can’t wait for fall :)

  • Dawn M. Green

    Working in eating healthier…..a Vitamix is a “must-have!”

  • Amber E

    Would love a Vitamix!!!

  • Amy

    I have been just oogling these at Costco for years!

  • Debra McCormick

    I would make just about everything! Especially slushy drinks for my kids! Currently, my blender doesn’t chop ice very well!

  • Jaclyn

    Love my Vitamix… I have a friend I would LOVE to gift one to, though!

  • Sabrina Johnson

    My daughter has a Vitamix and she says it is the best blender. I make a green smoothy every morning, so I would use it every day for that to start with. I am sure I can come up with many more uses for it. I have tried to make my own almond flour and my current blender just doesn’t work that well for fine blending. The Vitamix would be a great addition to my kitchen! Thanks for the contest! Good luck everyone!

  • Audrey


  • Jasmine Ward

    I’d love to make smoothies, soup, flours.. everything and anything. :)

  • leah funk

    Would love to win this for a Friend!! and well mine is a little old too !

  • Michele Menefee

    I would make some homemade nut butters and pureed soups.

  • Ashley Sandburg

    Cashew Cream for vodka sauce

  • jeri

    I just killed another oster blender :-( I need the Vitamix LOL

  • Steph Couponsx

    I’d make fruit smoothies!!

  • ashley

    I would like to make almond milk, soup and green smoothies!

  • dj

    i would love to make some cashew butter with a vitamix!

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, I hope I win! I want a Vitamix so badly, but there’s no way I can afford one – so I’ll have to win it!

  • Jen

    I would love a Vitamix, but my husband heard the price, and shot me down!

  • Kathleen

    I have wanted a Vitamix for years, my poor blender is on its last legs.

  • Shanna

    Would love a Vitamix!

  • K.E.

    Hubby and I are trying to make a big diet change, especially him as he has high blood pressure…a Vitamix blender would be ideal when making all the new drinks, sauces, spreads and more….besides it’d be a great replacement from our Cuisinart which will never match up to Vitamix! ;-)

  • Shannon C.

    I would make smoothies, ice cream, soups, and more!

  • Jennifer A

    I want to do my juice diet again!

  • Rebecca G

    My sister has a Vitamix and I have long wanted one for smoothies and such.

  • Tara

    Would love to win a Vitamix!!!

  • sue lee

    would love this to make some healthy treats for my kids.

  • Jennifer Stoddard

    We’d love to be able to use such useful device in our kitchen… So many possibilities.

  • Jennifer Stoddard

    I commented before I saw the bit about what we’d make… Our own nut butters from soaked nuts, smoothies, and whatever else we could possibly think of!

  • Tiffany Ziegenhorn O’Connell

    What a great giveaway. My hubby (the chef in our house) has been wanting one of these for a while. It is now time because our old blender is barley limping along!

  • Norabella

    I would love to do more with grains, but my current blender isn’t up to the task. Also, green smoothies which my current blender doesn’t get quite smooth enough.

  • Danielle Hull

    Probably something boring, like smoothies. I need to do blender pancakes or muffins, too!

  • Zoe

    I want to start making my own almond milk!

  • Marisa Harder-Chapman

    I’d love to make smoothies! And pesto!

  • Liz

    Great giveaway! I use a ninja right now but would so love a vitamix!!!

  • Janice

    Thank you!

  • Robin


  • Georgia Linden

    Oh, I have wanted a Vitamix FOREVER!! So excited about this give a way……..PS, I LOVE you too and all your yummy recipes!!

  • Janira Martinez

    I want to make my smoothies smooth with a Vitamix blender! Chewing my juice is fun and all but it’d be nice to just be able to swallow a delicious creamy smoothie without chunks. I would also like to make nut milk and flour and butters and BANANA ICE CREAM I keep hearing everyone talk about! So many things :)

  • Georgia Linden

    I make smoothies for everyone in my family……4 kids, since I am trying to remove cereal as the only breakfast option!!

  • Amy

    We would LOVE to use it to make smoothies for our family!

  • Cass Odom

    I’d LOVE a vitamix on my counter!!!!

  • Heather N.

    I’d make anything! Smoothies sound really good right now specifically though…

  • Melissa Lovelady Archibald

    My husband is a chef and wants one soooooo bad. Crossing my fingers and hoping to win. :)

  • Leana Buhler

    i would make anything i possibly could if i owned a Vitamix. I have always wanted a Vitamix!

  • allisondacia

    I’d love to win!

  • Denise

    Smoothies and soup! :)

  • Nataly

    I would SO LOVE a Vitamix!

  • Anonymous

    Ice cream!

  • Sheri

    I want to make super smooth smoothies and hummus!

  • lori4squaremom

    I have wanted a vitamix since I was a little girl…. I am now 44 years old. :-)

  • June Franke

    I’ve made gallons upon gallons of meat gravy for my ferrets with a very old Vitamix (only on/off control). It would be super keen to have a new one with variable speed control.

  • Ellen

    Nut butter!

  • Kristine Needleman

    sorbet and ice creams!

  • Ona

    I want to start making my own coconut butter.

  • Nicole Biegenzahn

    Finally convinced my husband to go GREEN w/me and my Magic Bullet is never gonna cut it for all we want to make!

  • Jessica Maria Gamboa Glader

    There are sooo many things I want to make with this! But mostly, I want to make as many smoothies as possible so my new baby and I can be healthy :)

  • Amy

    Man, I wanna make some whole food juices! I keep seeing this giveaway and dreaming up new stuff :)

  • Vickie

    Oh! I hope I win that wonderful appliance! Been wanting one for years!

  • vickie

    looking for the blog post! Haven’t seen it yet! :(

  • And the winner is….. | The Well Fed Homestead

    […] you won a Vitamix! E-mail me at Brenda @ Wellfedhomestead . com within the next 48 hours and I’ll send it out […]

  • Pamela

    Would love to get back into the habit of making green smoothies. My current blender is terrible and I gave up after a while because it was like eating mulch.

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