Weekend Wrap Up 4/13

by brenda on April 13, 2013

I’m starting a new tradition here at The Well Fed Homestead, where I share with all of you what my favorite resources were from the week. I’m going to be posting this on Saturdays (not Mondays, like this one!). :) First, I will always share a few of my favorite posts from my Well Fed Wednesday blog carnival. If you’d like to participate in Well Fed Wednesdays, you can come enter your links starting 6 pm Pacific Time on Tuesday night! I will also share some of my other favorite resources from the web.

3 Posts from This Week’s Well Fed Wednesday post:

  • Perfect Coconut Flour Pancakes My family loves coconut flour pancakes! I’m on a constant quest to “perfect” the pancakes that I make. Gotta try this one soon!
  • Raw Pear & Ginger Buckwheat Porridge I make buckwheat porridge for my family, but I have never tried making it raw, from sprouted buckwheat. Now I am curious!
  • Why Choose Beef Tallow? I render lard and tallow, and my favorite of the two is tallow! It has a nice flavor and I think it works well for frying up most foods. Check out this post about why tallow is so great!

Around the web, I have enjoyed:

  • Homemade Gummy Vitamins I love this idea! Kids seem to love the candy-like gummy vitamins that are out (of course!). Why not make your own, with ingredients that you can trust?
  • Why you should stop feeding your dog dog food Last year my hubby butchered and processed all of our 2 year old hens, and then ground them into dog food. It took a lot of work for 1 person (nearly the entire day) and we got only about 1 month’s worth of dog food out of it. Considering the fact that we can sell those chickens for $5 a piece on Craigslist, I think we’ll be doing that instead, this year. But I love the idea of feeding our dog raw, unprocessed food. It’s what they would eat in nature, why not also in the home?
  • Cracking Coconuts: a Video  Have you ever tried to crack a coconut? It is not an easy task! I love that Dina-Marie simplifies it for us!
  • Grass-fed is not what you assume When meat is labeled “grass fed” at the grocery store, what does it mean? Does it mean that the animal was raised on pasture, the right way? That’s what the label would lead you to assume. But what does it really mean? Check out this post to learn more!
  • How to make butter and buttermilk We’ve got a lot of milk lately! I have made butter before, but a lot of people I talk to wonder “how do you do that?” It’s really quite simple! Here is a post to learn how!
  • Beef and Liver Chili {Paleo} This is just awesome! I have a bunch of liver in my freezer and I want to make something nourishing where it’s *unnoticeable* to my children…and to me….Do you think this will work? I’m willing to give it a try!!
  • How to make your own rain barrel We get quite a bit of rain in Oregon, you know! :) We really ought to make some of these rain-barrels to capitalize on all of that rain!

What have your favorite posts been?

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