Weekend Wrap-Up 5/4

by brenda on May 3, 2013


Happy Saturday! I’m starting a new tradition here at The Well Fed Homestead, where I share with all of you what my favorite resources were from the week. I’m going to be posting this on Saturdays. First, I will always share a few of my favorite posts from my Well Fed Wednesday blog carnival. If you’d like to participate in Well Fed Wednesdays, you can come enter your links starting 6 pm Pacific Time on Tuesday night! I will also share some of my other favorite resources from the web.

Favorite Posts from this week’s Well Fed Wednesday Blog Carnival:

  1. Carrie Healed Hashimoto’s Disease with the GAPS Diet  I love this post, because pre-GAPS, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. My Dr. refused to test me again post-GAPS, because she said that it “doesn’t change.” Not true! Diet makes all the difference!
  2. Dry Beans vs. Canned: Making Your Own “Fast Food” Good info–no reason to buy canned beans!
  3. Probiotic Gummy Candy Recipe Ooh! A sneaky Mom recipe! :)
  4. What is Guar Gum? Good info on this mystery ingredient that seems to be in everything!
  5. You are Not What You Eat This has been on my mind a lot lately–I think I’m going to go buy some charcoal tablets and do this test! Check it out! :)

Favorite Posts from around the Web this week:

  1. How to Find, Identify & Cook Fiddleheads I had no clue what a fiddlehead was until I read this post! I am very fascinated by the idea of searching for wild edibles–but scared at the same time. We own about 30 acres of farm land, and even though we only technically grow/raise food on a few acres (so far!), I know that there is food on our land that we aren’t even aware of. Knowing how to identify edible plants is a basic survival skill. (I’m picturing a famine, like in The Good Earth, and knowing exactly which types of bark we can cook, and what leaves to add to soup, etc.!).
  2. 12 Unique Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Cauliflower Because getting my kids to eat veggies was once a struggle–and I know it is for many of you, too! These are some tasty ways to cook cauliflower for adults, also!
  3. Whats in Your Skincare Products? Our skin is our largest organ, and I think that people pay far too little attention to what they are putting on their skin!
  4. Oil of Oregano Have you tried it? Oil of Oregano is AMAZING, potent stuff!! One time I got a bad cold and ear ache (aka yeast in the ear). I took Oil of Oregano by mouth and got better quickly! It is good stuff to have on hand! And here is one more post about Oil of Oregano.
Have a great weekend! :)


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  • http://www.phoenixhelix.com/ Eileen @ Phoenix Helix

    That’s wonderful that you healed your Hashimoto’s as well. My understanding is that thyroid autoimmune disease in particular is the most common, rising exponentially in recent years, so you would think they would be open to the question of “Why” beyond genetics.

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