Well Fed Wednesday 5/29

by brenda on May 28, 2013


Welcome to Well Fed Wednesday! Every week you can come here to:

Share your Real Food recipes and posts.


Check out other people’s Real Food recipes & posts.

The rules of this carnival are simple:

1. Make sure your recipe & post is about Real Food, meaning nothing processed, with unsoaked stale grains (like packaged flours), or with refined sugars.

2. Post your link below.

3. Share a link back to this post on your site (on the recipe or post that you’re sharing).

4. Leave a comment below.

That’s all!

And come back Saturday to check out my favorite posts in my Weekly Wrap Up!

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  • Marisa

    Thank you for hosting again this week. I’ve posted an article about why traditional fats are better for your health than modern and industrialized fats that are highly processed and chemically-laden. wareitsmadefromscratch.com

  • http://www.phoenixhelix.com/ Eileen @ Phoenix Helix

    Thanks for hosting again! I linked up to 2 articles this week (1) My new
    favorite pork chop recipe, made with rhubarb chutney and (2) A simple
    summary of the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. Have a great week, everyone.

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