Which Presidential Candidate Cares About Labeling GMO’s?

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by brenda on October 14, 2016


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This isn’t a post where I’m going to tell you who to vote for. Honestly, with less than a month until the election, I admit that I don’t know who I am going to vote for. This is the ugliest political race I have ever seen, and both of the major party candidates are, to misquote Clinton, “deplorable.” Both have lied. Both are morally corrupt in different areas. Votes for either of these two candidates would put men who disrespect and possibly even rape women into powerful positions in the White House (Donald Trump and Bill Clinton). I don’t like either major candidate.

This is what brings me to research the issues that matter to me. GMO’s is one of those issues that I care about. Small farmers need to be free from fear of Monsanto. The American people need to understand what’s in their food (or–what their food is) and to be given a chance to choose what they eat. Here’s what I found:

Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s speeches about GMO’s are a bit contradictory. In 2014, she was payed over 3 million dollars to speak on behalf of Monsanto in defense of GMO’s here:

Fast forward, June 2015, Gary Hirshberg, founder and former President and CEO of Stonyfield Farm, sent an e-mail to encourage Hillary to change her stance on the labeling of GMO’s, and that she should make a statement more like this:

“With regard to GMOs, I do feel that more independently funded long-term research is needed, but one thing I absolutely believe is that, regardless of your views on GMO safety, everyone has the right to know whether they are in your foods and so I do support mandatory GMO labeling and transparency.”

In the video below, it is clear that she is pro-GMO, but also wants GMO labeling. The catch is, she wants the labeling to be with with barcodes, not a sign that says “No GMO’s” (Read: She wants the labeling to require expensive technology to decipher, and to leave lower-class Americans in the dark and clueless about what is in their food?). Instead of agreeing with the questioner who claimed that GMO’s are making poor Americans sick, Clinton pushed for “better science.” I wonder if she means she is hoping that science will prove that GMO’s are not so bad after all?

Monsanto gave the Clinton Foundation at least $500,000, and DOW Chemical Company gave at least 1 million, all to support Hillary’s campaign. You can see several other big GMO donors to Hillary’s campaign on this list.

Hillary’s advisor, Jerry Crawford, is a Monsanto lobbyist, and tends to back any politician, regardless of party, if they are a Monsanto supporter.

When she was in the White House, Clinton ate only organic food. On the campaign trail, Clinton eats Boca (GMO soy) burgers, ice cream, pizza, and donuts, among other foods.

The Clinton Global Initiative promotes Monsanto and its Round-Up Ready GMO seeds.


Donald Trump

There are no videos of Trump speaking out against or for Monsanto or GMO’s, and finding his stance on the subject took a little more digging.

If you Google “Donald Trump” and “GMO’s” together, you’ll likely come across this infamous retweet from October 2015:


He recanted the tweet, no doubt after realizing he’d just offended the entire state of Iowa. Oops. It’s not clear how to interpret this. Does Trump believe that Monsanto GMO corn creates issues in the brain? Interesting (/ironic?), since he eats Cornflakes cereal, “right out of the fields of Iowa,” he told Fox News.

Trump also eats quite a bit of GMO-filled fast food, and drinks Diet Coke while out campaigning.

At home, Ivanka Trump says that she makes many of their meals, and they are fresh and organic.

Since 2013, Trump’s hotels have maintained the “Trump Wellness Program,” and serve local, organic foods when possible, with gluten-free and vegan options.

The donors to Trump’s campaign are not obviously linked to Monsanto.

None of the charities that Trump donates to look appear to be clearly linked to GMO’s either.


The majority of Americans will be voting on either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump this November. This is what the other major candidates believe:

Gary Johnson believes in labeling GMO’s.

Jill Stein wants to ban GMO’s.

Evan McMullin is against labeling GMO’s.

I’m not aware of other names that are well-known and might get a substantial number of votes. If you know of other candidates and their stances on GMO’s, feel free to share here.


Between the top two candidates, basically it comes down to this:

With Clinton, for sure, Monsanto will have at least as much power and control as they currently do, probably more, and probably more tax dollars to support their “research.”

With Trump, well…it’s really an unknown. I can’t say for sure either way what Trump will do about GMO’s.


How’s that for helping you decide?! Sorry for the uncertainty.


Does this help you at all? Are you feeling comfortable with this election and the candidates’ stances on the issues you care about?



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  • http://www.wellfedhomestead.com brenda

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