3 Months, No Shopping: January Review

by brenda on February 2, 2011

 3 months, no shopping!


January is over, and it’s time for a review! We did pretty good! I am impressed!! We did not buy ANY groceries ALL month!!

We did have to buy a couple of other items that were unexpected:

dance shoes


Dance shoes for $15 because Farm Princess started taking a dance class (I guess we could have made her dance barefoot the entire 3 months of the class? No. We’re not that mean. ;))


And, some furnace filters (no photo, sorry!). We had a friend over who works in HVAC, and he pointed out another furnace filter that we weren’t even aware we had (we moved her last June). It was very full, and our heat pump was working overtime and would burn out if we didn’t get that filter replaced. An emergency trip to the local Bi-Mart solved that issue plus we got a couple of extra filters to keep on hand for the next time we need them, and we spent a total of $10.

 elderberry syrup

Farm Princess got a bad cold & was coughing a lot. Elderberry Syrup is awesome stuff & super helpful in times like these! My bottle was gone after 2 doses, and since I didn’t have any elderberries in the freezer ;), we spent $8 something on a bottle of Elderberry Syrup to relieve her coughing!


Total for the month? $33 and change


If you were joining me in this challenge, how did you do? Share! 🙂


Remember that I am still giving away a Garden & Preservation Planner!!!


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