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    (photo credit) One of my very first posts on this blog was called I Dream of Chickens. Then I wrote I Dream of Chickens Part 2. Warning: if you have a weak stomach, don’t click on those links! I originally gave this blog the title The Well Fed Homestead, thinking that I would talk about food AND farming. I have mostly only talked about food here. I am wondering, dear readers (and friends!), what do you want to read about? Vote below! Are you interested in farming? Food? Health? Food politics? Recipes? Medical Research? GAPS Diet info?   Tell me what you think!

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    Why I became a Real Food Blogger

    {photo credit} I am at the 2011 Wise Traditions Conference in Dallas, and last night I listened to a real food bloggers panel. There is a lot of interest in learning how to blog and understanding why people blog. This is my story. I am a writer. It is just in me! I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil. I knew from a very young age that someday I would write. I often think in written words. That’s hard to explain to people who don’t think that way.  In college, I majored in English Literature–not because I am particularly drawn to fiction, but because that was where all…

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    Simplify your life and make time for food

    Let’s face it, real food cannot be prepared as quickly as a TV Dinner. While you might find 5 ingredient real food recipes, and possibly even 30 minute dinners, you will likely have to do some prep work (like mincing garlic ahead of time, etc.). Animal protein takes a while to cook. And since animal protein (and animal fat) are the healthiest foods there are, you’ll inevitably need to spend time in the kitchen. It takes longer to make cheesy broccoli than it does to whip up a box of mac ‘n cheese. It takes longer to cook spaghetti squash than it does to cook a pot of spaghetti noodles.…

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    Love Your Kitchen &#9829

      This is our kitchen on a day when we must have been having people over good day. I LOVE my kitchen. Sure, there are things I don’t like about it: the 1 drawer that is unfinished. The water that really needs a water softener hooked up to it so that my dishes won’t be spotty. The drawer faces that keep needing to be screwed back on. The island that accumulates junk (how dare it?!). 😉 The flies. I hate the flies (I said the “d” word, according to my 4 year old–hate!). Stainless steel appliances (and a counter to boot) are pretty to look at when they’re nice and…

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    Support Farms, Not Factories

    {photo credit} I’m not opposed to all factories, or even the overall concept of factories–they have their place. I believe that food, however, should not be a factory product. When industrialization and capitalism and food meet, the end result is not pretty. Because the problem is, industrialization and capitalism are also so closely connected to the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, it pays (the industries) to have the American people get sick so that they have to buy expensive drugs to fix their ailments. Yeah. That’s not a system that I want to be even remotely a part of. So, I shop at farmer’s markets. Have you ever been to…

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    GAPS vs Paleo vs Primal, UPDATED! :)

    Two weeks ago, I wrote a post called GAPS vs Paleo Part 1, and then a couple of days later, GAPS vs Paleo Part 2. Well, I am always learning, and I realized (thanks to many of YOU! :)) that I had something wrong. I thought that there were hugely differing Paleo views out there. And there may be (I haven’t read every Paleo book, just a few). However, what I had read about was actually TWO DIFFERENT DIETS, and I was calling them one. There is a distinction: The Paleo Diet (Cordain, & Wolf), and The Primal Diet (Sisson). They have similar beginnings and many likenesses, but also many differences.…

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    Why I am Anti-Soy

    The GAPS Diet does not allow soy (because soy does not help when you are trying to heal your gut), but I was anti-soy before GAPS. Why am I so against this supposed health food?    I highly recommend reading this book for more details:     Soy is touted as a health food, and people are eating it in place of meat. The assumption is that because Japanese people eat soy, we should too–and then we’ll be healthy!   Here are the problems with that:   In Ancient China and Japan it was known that soy was a poison if it was not fermented. I just confirmed this with…

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    Our nutrition history

    We’re on the GAPS diet, which is a big jump for a lot of people! We didn’t start here. My husband grew up on a lot of packaged and boxed, processed foods. I grew up on a lot of homemade dinners, but SAD ones (Standard American Diet, including Rice A Roni, Cream of Mushroom Soup and Prego), lots of eating out, and lots of candy, Hostess treats, chips, fruit roll ups, etc., in our pantry. In high school, I spent most of my lunch money on chocolate milkshakes, giant chocolate chip cookies, pink lemonade Snapple and dark green Tic Tacs. I spent the rest on 50 cent salads (they were…

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    A little bit of sugar is ok, right?

    We're not allowing our kids to have sugar on Easter. We're terrible parents, aren't we? ;) I will make honey chocolates, and they won't miss a thing. My kids don't complain about not having sugar. They do not lack good food, that is for sure! We have lots of reasons we're not allowing sugar this Easter. Every one of us is healthier without it. I've read a lot about sugar, too. Did you know that in a correctional facility for aggressive juveniles, there was a 44% decrease in aggression and anti-social behaviors just by decreasing the amount of sugar that they ate?? That is phenomenal.

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    Baby Steps to Healthy Eating: Avoid Sugary Breakfasts

      My friend Heidi e-mailed me last week and asked for some ideas of a baby step she could take towards healthier eating for her family. I wrote the Food Challenge in April and challenged you all to eat the way I think is ideal and healthy, but didn’t think about the fact that the whole thing might be overwhelming to you! I am an all in or all out person. =) I don’t like doing things half-way. When we started with the GAPS diet, I was all-in, so I cleaned out my pantry and gave the food away that didn’t fit the diet. I know it’s more expensive that way, it’s…