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    I fed my kids butter today. Straight butter, with a spoon. My friend Rhonda mentioned this idea the other night, and I decided to try it! So I made butter today and put it on spoons for my kids to eat. Why am I feeding my kids butter? ~The brain is made up of protein and fat (it is 2/3 fat!). A growing child (and a well-functioning adult) needs protein and fat to keep the brain healthy. ~I have a child with learning disabilities, and two who are moody. Their brains are obviously not working the way they should and need some support. ~When a child is breast feeding, they’re…

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    Real Food for Rookies

    This is an advertisement, but not a paid advertisement! 🙂 No affiliate linking here.Kelly the Kitchen Cop is hosting an e-course called Real Food for Rookies , and I just wanted to suggest it to all of you out there who want to make the jump to cooking real food but don’t know how. My family is in our 9th month of the GAPS diet by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. It was originally written to be used on kids with Autism, (thus the title, “Gut and Psychology Syndrome”), but I believe that it is beneficial to SO many more people than just Autistic kids (I think pretty much every person in the world…

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    Dear Wal-Mart, How I Define “REAL Food”

    I was shopping at your store today and had not eaten lunch on time (this was my fault). I was starving in your store, and more than that, my head started hurting and I couldn't think straight because my blood sugar was so low. I was at the Happy Valley Store (Oregon), which does not have a full grocery department, but a small one. Even with a small department, I assumed there would be *something* I could eat. I have allergies and sensitivities, and preferences that limit my choices in food. I only eat what I would call "real food," and unfortunately, I had a difficult time finding any at…

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    Food and Grace

    I'm not talking about praying at the dinner table. :) Today we had our homeschool co-op, and I learned that two of my boys were "teaching" the other kids that their snacks were unhealthy, and that donuts are full of chemicals (I told them about the Krispy Kreme Deconstructed article that I had read), and that if everyone just ate like us, they'd be healthy.... I had a talk with my boys about GRACE when we got home, and about judgement. And about not telling people "you're wrong for doing such and such" because people don't usually learn or make life-changes that way, and it just simply isn't polite. Farm…

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    The Myth of Moderation Part 3: Processed and Chemical Ingredients

    Back in November, I wrote The Myth of Moderation Part 1: Sugar, and The Myth of Moderation Part 2: Soy The reason I wrote these posts was because I have heard so many people say that all foods are good “in moderation.” I pointed out the sugar and the soy in a 1 day American menu, and plainly showed that eating the typical American Diet is not eating sugar or soy "in moderation." Now, for this third post, I want to point out the processed and chemical ingredients.

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    1 Timothy 4 and Abstaining from Foods

    This morning, I happened to read in 1 Timothy 4. (Note, I read from this 3 year Bible reading plan. 1 year plans are too much for my daily attention span. ;) This, I can actually read, process and retain throughout the day.) I have had 1 Timothy 4 quoted to me as Scripture that supposedly would say I am wrong to abstain from particular foods.

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    A Poop Story

    No photos in this post, sorry. :) I was reading a blog about how to write successful blogs the other day, and the lady suggested that we be REAL in our blogs. Ok, well, this is as real as it gets. Truth be told, I guess I've been known for my funny "poop stories" ever since I was a kid. My husband appreciates them. ;) Why the obsession with poop? Maybe because I knew something was wrong with mine. Maybe it was on my mind because it was happening so often in my day.