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    Best States to Move to if You Hate Mask Mandates, Lockdowns and Vaccine Passports

    When we were leaving Oregon and researching states, we didn’t have the advantage of knowing how crazy or sane each state’s governor truly was. You guys, who are considering a move now, get to see which governors have handled the last year the best. I’m really glad we left Oregon, seeing how Kate Brown has treated Oregon residents and business owners. Let’s be clear–I was not a fan of lockdowns or face covering mandates, at all. I think people need to breathe and should be able to make their own choices about whether they want to wear a mask or not, and whether they want to stay home or not.…

  • Moving

    Considering a Big Move? Here’s Why We Left Oregon.

    Since we moved across the country, from Oregon to Virginia, in January 2020, I’ve received almost weekly messages from friends who are considering a similar move. The reasons so many of my friends want to flee Oregon vary, but, since 2020, the majority want to move because of draconian restrictions, loss of employment and/or income due to the restrictions, violence that was allowed to continue, drug laws that were passed (legalizing the possession of all previously illegal drugs), a surge in homelessness (the result of the state’s major drug problem), high taxes, expensive real estate, and a fear of what the social environment of Portland and the surrounding areas might…