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Celebrate Birthdays the GAPS Way! Part 2


So glad you are joining me for “Celebrate Birthdays the GAPS Way! Part 2” !

Click here to link over to Part 1 if you would like to enjoy another yummy cake recipe!


As our boys have birthdays really close together, we celebrate with friends all at one time and it is such a relief to only plan one party!  We kept it all really simple-including the “cake”…really, you will be shocked at how easy this is to make:

Watermelon and Fruit Kabobs Birthday Cake

(GAPS Intro Stage 6 and Full GAPS legal)

2 medium to large seedless watermelons

2 cantaloupe (or other melon)

1 pkg green grapes

1 pkg red grapes

1 pkg (approx 20) kabob skewers

I cut the largest melon’s middle section out (the ends were cut off, but there was still a lot of fruit on each end chunk) and trimmed off all of the rind without cutting into the fruit:

Repeat with the second melon and use one (or more) of the “end pieces” to make the third (or fourth) layers.

Gently slice the top and bottom sides to keep the watermelon laying flat and balanced.

Using a measuring spoon (I found that I liked our metal teaspoon size), make melon balls out of the remaining watermelon and cantaloupe.

Fill the top 3/4 of each skewers with the grapes and melons, randomly intermixing the fruit. Carefully place into the layers of the cake.

Decorate around the base of the cake with remaining fruit.


Here I am finishing up the watermelon cake. I was SO SUPER excited that it actually turned out that Tim grabbed the camera and caught me in action:

As we can’t have store juices, I served water with lemon and lime slices.

(Not sure why, but the lemons floated and the limes sank…it looked cool!)

The guests all LOVED it and it seemed that the parents enjoyed being able to give their kids this healthy cake!

It was gone in record time as the kids (and adults) came back for seconds!


Just as I made Jackson his own cake on his birthday, I really wanted to make Auston and Keaton a treat too…this is what they each requested:


Auston is in love with “Happy Cakes” and he often “makes” us some in his play kitchen. His was the first birthday to come up after we started GAPS and we were on the Intro. I honestly didn’t think there was anything I could make him, but we had just started using a tiny bit of honey, so while Tim had the kids out for a couple of hours one day I gave me try at making something. If it totally flopped, I could throw it away before Auston returned–preventing him to be heartbroken.

This is what I came up with:

Auston’s Happy Cake:

(GAPS Intro Stage 4 without honey, Full GAPS with honey)

4 c. zucchini, shredded and packed into measuring cup

4 eggs

1 1/2 c. peanuts, soaked, dehydrated and finely chopped in food processor

1 Tbs. vanilla

1/2 c. honey

Mix all ingredients well together (will be soupy) and put into greased cake pans. Cook at 300* until toothpick comes out clean (approx 50 minutes) .


Look at how happy and surprised Auston was when he came home from the park and found that his mama had made him a “Happy Cake”:

*I love this smile-I will treasure this moment forever!*

Two (terribly tempting) days later we frosted the cake with the Marshmallow Frosting and toasted it after we all enjoyed a 4+ mile hike! I know-he’s a trooper!! =) But he loves waterfalls, so going on a hike with multiple waterfalls (and with cousins!) made his day!


Keaton requested that for his birthday he wanted some homemade fruit leather!

His chose

Mango Pear Madness:

(GAPS Intro Stage 6 and Full GAPS legal)

1 ripe mango

2 ripe green pears


Peal and cut up mango into chunks and put into blender and puree. Cut up pear into chunks and remove core. Put into blender and puree. Carefully spread mixture onto fruit leather sheet for dehydrator and leave overnight @ 135* until dry.

We cut one up into pieces and I gave one whole sheet to Keaton-his eyes lit up when he realized I was giving him the whole thing! Ahh…it’s the simple things in life! =)



All of these would work great as snacks or breakfast ideas too (minus the frosting and with a little protein on the side!) 😉

I hope you enjoyed seeing how we celebrated birthdays this past month!

What do you do for GAPS Intro and Full GAPS birthdays?



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