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Date Night Delights

One of the ways our family saves budget money (to use the savings for our food $$) is to have in-house date nights! To us this usually means that on Friday night when the kiddos are in bed (sometimes earlier than usual!) we enjoy a “treat” and a borrowed movie from the in-laws or a free show on We really enjoy kitchen/cooking shows! Shocking-I know! =) (yes, I was being a bit sarcastic!)

During the first part of the Introduction Diet one of the things we missed the most was having some kind of a treat for our date nights. While soups didn’t really seem like a treat, we did enjoy some awesome omelets when we were allowed to eat eggs! So, no matter where you are on GAPS, make sure to enjoy something special that you love!

With Fall’s natural fruit treats all around us you might have something like this in your kitchen right now:

Yep, that would be a box of apples I ordered through Azure Standard…we love the prices. Too bad we go through them so quickly!

Here are a few of our favorite fall date night treats! The top picture above is

Baked Apple Slices

Another wonderful treat we enjoy that has no sweetener (perfect for those who like savory treats) is:

Bacon Wrapped Apple Slices

(man…now I seriously want some bacon!)

Or one other yummy treat is to make:

Apple Kabobs with Caramel Dipping Sauce

Get to the store soon and make a wonderful treat for tomorrow night (or Saturday…or both nights!!) and celebrate those you are blessed with in your life!

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