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Dear Wal-Mart, How I Define “REAL Food”

Dear Wal-Mart Owners/Managers/To Whom This May Concern,

I was shopping at your store today and had not eaten lunch on time (this was my fault). I was starving in your store, and more than that, my head started hurting and I couldn’t think straight because my blood sugar was so low. I was at the Happy Valley Store (Oregon), which does not have a full grocery department, but a small one. Even with a small department, I assumed there would be *something* I could eat. I have allergies and sensitivities, and preferences that limit my choices in food. I only eat what I would call “real food,” and unfortunately, I had a difficult time finding any at your store today. When I am out and about and looking for some quick nourishment, this is what I look for:




Carrots (not baby carrots)

Snap Peas

Unsweetened Applesauce Cups (no artificial sweeteners, either)

Plain Yogurt (full fat, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners)

Lunch Meat (no nitrates, preservatives, fillers or sugar)

Pepperoni Sticks (no nitrates, preservatives, fillers or sugar)

Sliced Cheeses (real cheese–not American or Processed, not reduced fat, not containing any anti-caking agents like potato or rice starch)

Raisins (unsweetened)

Seeds (raw or roasted, only salted, no soybean oil or corn oil, no added artificial flavors)

Nuts (if I wasn’t allergic, I’d look for these–raw or roasted, only salted, no soybean or corn oil, no added artificial flavors)

Fruit Leather (pure fruit, nothing added, no sweeteners)

Fruit Juice without any added sweeteners (cold, with the sodas, please ;))

No-Sugar-Added (and no artificial sweeteners either) Fruit Juice Sodas, like Izze or Knudson Spritzers


I would love it if the entire above list was organic, but I know that isn’t always possible.

I purchased string cheese (reduced fat, which I don’t think is “real food,” but I needed something for my blood sugar right away), but I was unable to find anything on the above list. I drove down the street to Trader Joes & found a nice lunch: pastrami, havarti, tangerines, fruit leather and snap peas. I would have stayed in your store longer & would have spent more if I had been able to find some real food to eat there.

I hope that in the future I will be able to find some real food in your store!

Thank you for reading my request!




  • Julie

    Praise God you found Trader Joes.

    I think I’d stick with TJ’s.
    Let’s hope we find more TJ’s where ever we go. (I’m not real hopeful for change when it comes to Wal-Mart, sorry.)

  • Julie

    Oh, and I should have mentioned already, I ran into a nearly identical situation last summer at the Wal-Mart in Troutdale. I was returning home from purchasing raw milk from a farm in Sandy and needed to get some snacks for my family in the sweltering heat. Fortunately, this store did have produce, though not organic. I ended up with apples, but couldn’t find any other ‘real’ food that was safe for my family. 🙁

  • Jenny

    I had a similar experience at my local Target store. I had low blood sugar and couldn’t find anything I could eat there and they didn’t have any gluten free items either. And because of that I cut my shopping trip short. They have a grocery section but it’s mostly filled with process foods galore. I recently saw a sign that they will be getting in fresh foods soon. I will have to check it out and see what they offer. I am so glad you shared what you were able to purchase at Trader Joe’s. I am still new at the scd/gaps way of eating and it’s nice to get ideas. Please post an update if you hear from Walmart.

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