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Dining Out on GAPS

Sometimes while doing GAPS, you will find yourself at a restaurant…what do you order?

At first I thought this would be very overwhelming or impossible, but after eating at restaurants a few times since starting GAPS, I have found that it isn’t as bad as I first thought.

Most restaurants are very willing to work with you and your dietary restrictions. If you go to a fast food place this might be harder, but most sit down restaurants have a wide range of fresh foods.

I really enjoyed my Chipotle experience with Brenda.

I took my kids to a restaurant and I ordered all of us Cobb salads. I asked if they could switch out the cheese for something different and I chose a balsamic vinaigrette. Although this probably had soy oil in it…Brenda once mentioned that if her family is planning on going to a restaurant, she will bring a small jar in her purse that has Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and a few spices-just so she knows exactly what is in her dressing.

Later I also realized that the bacon in the salad probably wasn’t good for us and I should have asked for it to be kept off…I was so used to buying sugar and preservative free bacon that I didn’t even think about this bacon having stuff in it that isn’t GAPS legal!

I have been glad that many restaurants now post their menus online…feel free to call the restaurant and ask questions too!

If in doubt-ask. I was sad when we visited a popular restaurant to find that  all their soups came pre-made in a bag and when I asked for butter for my steamed veggies…I found that it wasn’t real butter.

Be as polite as you can, but do remember that you are paying for this food and it will go into your body!


For my husband’s birthday recently, his parents took him out for dinner (well, the whole family-isn’t that kind!?!)…and he loves Mongolian Grill!

This actually proved to be a really good option while on GAPS. The kids always love getting to choose exactly what is in their dinner too!

Look at Auston peering into all the meats…adorable!

The only part we knew we needed to be concerned about was letting the kids know that this time they couldn’t get noodles and a few foods (they offer fake crab) and we wouldn’t let them get all of the “sauces” options at the end. We did try to be careful and only got things that probably were fine, like the garlic, ginger, cooking sherry, etc. We figured that many of the options would have soy oils in them, sugar or preservatives.

All in all, we felt great afterwards…even when the kids went through the line to refill their plates 4 times each (ok, Keaton went through 5 times, but the last time it was only shrimp! lol!

I love being able to watch them cook my food right in front of me…nothing going into it that I didn’t choose!

Hudson had a fabulous time too! (And yes, if you noticed we were all wearing Denver Bronco outfits…it is Tim’s favorite team and Keaton (he’s 8) asked everyone to wear it…so we did. Hudson looks very adorable in the Bronco sweatshirt that his Daddy wore when he was a baby!)

Every once in awhile you will find yourself eating out…be it from needing a break, a family celebration or just eating at another home…be as kind and polite as you can, be careful not to eat anything that might hurt your own body, and most of all-enjoy it!


  • Kathleen K

    Thank you for this suggestion. I’m going to be starting GAPS very soon. I can handle cooking for the family–it is fairly easy for me to cook a meal that is GAPS friendly and add non-GAPS for the others (pasta, potatoes, bread, etc). But eating out?!? It twists my stomach just thinking of it. I appreciated the Chipotle idea, Mongolian BBQ, do you have some other suggestions as well? Salads are a great stand-by, but what if you need more than a salad? Are there some chains you’ve had better experience with than others that you can suggest?

    • Tarena

      Hi Kathleen,
      We have only eaten out a few times in the last 6 months, so I really don’t have a lot of experience…I have heard that actually staying away from the fast food chains are better as it is so hard to find real food on a fast food menu. *Although, progress is being made!* I haven’t tried Burgerville, but they are more earth friendly and do better with where their food comes from, so maybe you could try there.

      I was given a gift certificate to Outback and we found grilled veggie kabobs with scallops. We substituted steamed veggies on the side in place of the rice. It was REALLY good! Just ask if they use real butter and if not see if they can keep the oil off (most likely it is soy and rancid).

      If your only option is a salad, see if they can add extras like hard boiled eggs, cheese or grilled chicken-or all of them!

      We have also found that pretty much whenever we are out we have been sucessful in finding food, it is just a matter of changing your mindset of where you buy your food, instead of fast food in a drive thru, we get “fast food” in the form of popping into a grocery store for some individually wrapped cheese, fruit, veggies and you can even find hard-boiled eggs at some stores (Safeway, for one!).

      Keep your eyes open and you will be shocked at your choices!

    • brenda

      Thanks for letting us know. I did not know that they marinated their meat in soybean oil. That is sad. 🙁 We should all send Chipotle e-mails, letting them know that we don’t like this. 🙂

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