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Do you want the government deciding what your child should eat?

If you’ve read this blog much, you know that I’m anti-soy, anti-sugar, anti-processed foods. If you know much about the USDA guidelines for food, you know that in our country, eating dry cereal is considered healthy and eating more than 1 egg per day is considered hazardous to your health. It is one thing to have these healthy standards “out there” and to be able to make our own choices. It is another thing when the schools start dictating what our children can and cannot eat based on these ludicrous government standards. Check out the following clip:

I would be apalled if that was my child!

The Weston Price Foundation came out with a nifty little book called Healthy For Life, with more adequate dietary guidelines and recently held a press conference on the topic.

In the very least, our liberty ought to include the right to choose what kind of food we consume and what kind of food we feed our family. No big government (run by big businesses) should be determining what we nourish our bodies with.


  • Julia Rule

    Great article! I feel the same way when it comes to the non-labeling of GMO’s, just another way they are deciding for us on what we should feed our kids. We are the parents who know best, where is our choice in the matter!! Tarena, I had no idea you were writing here, I have been reading this blog for a few a while and it wasn’t until you posted to FB that I connected it was you…Awesome blog!!

    • Tarena

      oh thanks julia! Brenda is really the amazing brains behind it all…I just try to add when I can! Hope you are well and love the info you find here!! =)

  • Heather Anderson

    Frankly, it is an outrage that any government could dictate what a family chooses to eat. It is an outrage that people can’t find raw milk to drink because it is illegal to sell in many places. When governments can make these kinds of decisions, whether it is what we eat or how we raise our children, we are at the mercy of some “expert” and what they believe to be right. Thanks for a great site.

  • Lee

    I’m from the UK and just recently come across your website and have had much fun reading a lot of your stories on farming and other areas related to food, and find them very interesting.
    On this subject of Government deciding what we should be eating at school, it is something that our Government has been considering also recently, that parents shouldn’t be able to give there kids pack lunches!!!

    Sorry, but I can feed my kids better when I know what is going into the food they are going to be eating.

    I won’t say my eating has been great recently, as we are house renovating and looking after the kids and school runs along with the stress of the house, I have had a shock recently, and just now trying to get myself back on track with a proper good diet, and finding out where good food comes from isn’t easy.

    Several of the supermarkets here have been hit with Meat scandals recently, where Horse meat has been found in Beef products and especially the Processed Ready Meals(Thankfully I never bought them anyway) but I did buy Burgers.
    However, I am having a massive change of heart in what we buy, and where from and thankfully there appears to be one fairly decent supermarket here that likes proper Customer Service with a smile and the quality of the food actually appears to be good quality with no scandals that I know off.

    I look forward to reading more of what you write, I have subscribed to your newsletter and no, I don’t have a farm, but it is tempting. 🙂
    And talking of a diet change, when I am getting on the right track, I will be looking into GAPS as well as I’m really interested in my health and that of my Wife and Kids.

    Thanks for some great reading and keep it up.

    P.S. Your farmers market experience reminds me of how we do Boot Sales here(Car in a big field with loads of goods you want to get rid off) which is probably what you would have as a Garage Sale which we can’t do so easily over here. How to set things up takes time and planning, but definitely worth it in the long wrong.

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