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Easy Watermelon & Blueberry “Ice Cream”!

So, it’s more like a sorbet than it is ice cream, but the kids love to call it ice cream…and I’m good with letting them think they are eating ice cream, when really, it’s just a bit of fruit! Hehe…I’m so sneaky!

This is the way our family loves to enjoy this *super easy to make* treat:



1 medium watermelon, cut up and blended into a liquid (we use a food processor, but a blender should work too!)

1 lemon or lime, juiced

1 Tbs. vanilla

2 c. blueberries (reserved for the end)


Add all of the ingredients into a 9×13 pan (I pour the lemon juice and vanilla right into the liquid watermelon after I’ve poured it into the pan and mix it around slowly with a spoon) and *carefully– it might be a bit full!* put it into the freezer until solid. It is helpful to clear out some space and make sure the 9×13 pan fits into the freezer (laying flat so it won’t spill) before putting the ingredients into the pan.

It is also helpful to open the freezer before you start carrying the pan and I find it is also helpful to yell “Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!” really loud so that the kids know to stay back…we have a lot of bouncy, energetic runners around here…you never know what could happen. But, this is optional. 😉

After the mixture has frozen solid (this can take a few hours or more), take it out of the freezer and allow it to thaw for 20 minutes or so on the counter to loosen the mixture from the sides of the pan (or you can flip it upside down and run the bottom of the pan under hot water for a few seconds if you are in a hurry and have excited little kiddos dancing around the kitchen!).

Using a butter knife, carefully (I tend to hack at it) break the frozen mixture into one-two square inch sections and put back into the food processor through the “shoot” (…you know…the thing that sticks up on top where you shove items and it grates carrots…or cheese…that thing! A blender could work here too.), be sure to have a bowl ready to catch all your watermelon shavings! (Don’t ask why I know that…I may or may not have started without the bowl before.)

Scoop into small bowls and top with blueberries!

We hope you enjoy this perfect shaved ice/snow cone/sorbet treat on a hot day!


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