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Easy, Yummy Coconut Brown Rice

Rice isn’t on the GAPS diet, so we don’t usually eat it, but we did today. We had a potluck at church–and making large quantities of GAPS friendly foods is expensive, so we went with rice today. A friend told me that brown rice digests like a protein. Can anyone confirm that? I would love to learn about this! Anyways, here’s the recipe:

3 cups of brown rice
5 cups of water
2 cans of coconut milk (Natural Value is the only brand I’ve found that doesn’t contain guar gum, which is corn. It’s $2 per can where I buy it–I’m looking for an opportunity to buy it by the case!!) =)
a couple of teaspoons of honey

Cook the rice according to package directions. I brought mine to a boil, then turned down the temp, put the lid on and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.
When it was done (it wasn’t really “done” yet…it was still a little underdone), I put it in the crockpot and mixed it up with the coconut milk and some honey (I just drizzled some in…most coconut rice recipes contain a bunch of sugar, but it really isn’t necessary!).

I kept it in my crockpot on low during church, for about 3 or 3 1/2 hours, then it was ready to serve! The rice finished cooking and absorbed most of the coconut milk. It is sweet, and tastes wonderful with fruit on the side–like mangos, or nectarines (we brought a plate of nectarines to the potluck today, too, and I thought they went perfectly with the rice!).

I have a large crockpot and this filled about 1/2 of the crockpot. So, not as full as I would have liked, but it was really plenty (our church knows how to potluck! There is never a lack of food at our feasts!!! =)


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