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Eat with Conviction!

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a mis print.”
–Mark Twain

Do you read health books? Lots of them? Or do you watch the news and 20/20 and cling to the current health trends? Are you stuck on what you learned in your high school health class? Do you believe the Cherrios box when it says it’s “heart healthy”? Are you still buying margarine because someone said you should back in the 1980’s?

However you eat, whatever you choose, do it with conviction. Every bite you put in your mouth will impact your body in one way or another. Every time you scan your bank card or hand a farmer your cash for the food you will consume, you are voting. Show, with your actions, what you believe in.

What do you believe about high fructose corn syrup? What do your actions show that you believe?

What do you believe about gluten? What do your actions show that you believe?

What do you believe about refined sugars? Produce from South America? Zucchini in December? Tomatoes in March? Diet Coke? Fast food? Vegetable oil? GMO corn? Breakfast cereal? Candy bars? Granola bars? Perfectly orange colored chips?

If you don’t have convictions about these things, go get some! If you’re eating them, you’re saying (to your body, to your children, to the world) that you don’t mind these things–you’re ok with them–you think they’re healthy, or at least healthy enough to fuel your body.

I don’t think that Mark Twain was saying that you should not read health books. You should. In our days, someone might say:

“Be careful of taking health advice from the news. The story could have been paid for by a big corporation who just wants to see you on high blood pressure and thyroid meds by the time you are 40, so that they can make a profit. Your life has no value to them, except for the dollars that they earn off of you before you cease to exist.”

I say, read health books, and read lots of them. Read them and compare them. When a cereal box claims that 99% of people had a reduced risk of heart attack by eating their cereal every day, read the study. Find the missing facts, and the misrepresented information. Be a skeptic when it comes to your health. With every single bite, know what you believe about what you are putting into your mouth.

Will that diet soft drink benefit your body? Fuel your body? Do you think your body can handle it, excrete the toxins properly, etc.? Drink it only if you’re convinced that it’s ok.

Be careful of just trusting that if it’s called food, or if it’s offered at a grocery store or a restaurant, it must be ok. You take your health into your own hands by the choices that you make. In the end, you can blame nobody but yourself. No matter how convincing the advertisements were, you were the one who chose to put the “food” in your mouth. Is it food? What do you believe? Think about that with your next bite…and the next one…and then the next one….and so on! 🙂



  • Meghan @ Whole Natural Life

    Great post! I tend to be fanatical about food and people sometimes give me a hard time about it. But you’re absolutely right – why should I ever put something in my body that I think is bad for me??

    I think that is one of the hidden benefits of GAPS – it gives me license to be fanatical about food because the diet requires it! So there’s no compromising on unhealthy things like corn syrup or hydrogenated oils just to be polite.

  • Heather Anderson

    This is a great post, and I think that it applies to more than just what we eat. In general most people today just let life happen whether it is what they eat, how they educate their children, or what entertainment they watch. We will not all come up with the same convictions but it is so important, as you said, to eat (and live) with conviction.

  • Stephanie

    Hi ladies, I was looking for a contact button or email address but I didn’t see one so I’ll ask here…What happened to the RAD article? It was exactly what I needed yesterday but when I went to show it to my husband it was gone! could you email me?

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