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Farm Boy 3’s Letter to Joel Salatin

Farm Boy 3 just wrote a letter to Joel Salatin, and I wanted to share it with all of you!

(His spelling and punctuation need a little work, but it’s so cute!).

Dear Joel Saliten. How are you doing? I liked your scene in Food inc, I hope you still have your farm when I am a grown up. I am going to inerduce myself.

1. I am eight years old.

2. I live on a farm.

3. My name is Noah.

Also my parents went to hear you speak about your farm. When we buchure chicens, I pull heads and pull guts and seperate livers + hearts. dad cuts the necks. P.S. oh also I turn the plucker. I uset to have a goat but it died. to bucher cows do you use a moble sluaghter or do you do it by yorself. How many chicen do you have? I also like your adio books. Do you name your animals? do you raise bees? I will pray for you that your farm will sickseceful. We have a web called the well fed homestead + GAPS Diet + resipeas. visit what’s your web. we had eight pigs called snow white and the seven doorvs and 3 rabbits named thunderball, and lucky, and lucy. also, we have seven children. this is a verse that reminds you to work. real hard! and not give up. dilegent hands bring welth. Proverbs 10:4 My dad seys its good to work hard! What verse do you? want to share!! I hope to hear back from you God bless you in everything you do Praise the Lord. From Noah


I love that kid! 🙂 🙂

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