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Friday Farm Photos: Can I Share Your Farm?

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that we once owned a farm where we raised pastured, soy-free, corn-free chickens, hens for eggs, a few dairy cows, pigs, geese, ducks, turkeys & a pretty big garden. We worked really hard, and made some stupid, newbie mistakes along the way. Jumping into farming, without previous experience or education, is quite a learning curve! We had a quick, on-farm education and then the realization that we weren’t going to make it at farming any longer and had to sell our farm.

See the photo above? It is one of my favorite shots of the land that was just outside of our kitchen window on that farm. I used to take photos of the farm on Fridays and share them with you here on this blog. You can see some examples here, here and here.

We don’t have beautiful farm photos anymore. We currently live in a neighborhood with a fenced (but unfinished) backyard. We only have 4 animals to take pictures of these days (practically a zoo, compared to most neighborhood dwellers!). We have a bearded dragon named JJ, a rabbit named Thunderball (who has survived since the farm!), a dog named Kizzie (who we also had on the farm) and a 1 year old Yorkie named Lincoln. I could shoot photos of them, our 3 raised garden boxes and our single apple tree, but you all might get bored of that?!

So, here’s my idea! I would love to share photos of YOUR farm on Fridays! I have a huge amount of compassion and respect for farmers, who work so hard to literally sustain people’s lives by providing essential nourishment. You guys–the farmers–you’re the real superheroes! Can I share your story here? Can I show the world what you’re doing, and highlight your hard work?

If you’re interested in sharing your farm here, and telling us a little bit about what you do on your farm, please e-mail me. If you live in Oregon, in driving distance from me, I would be happy to come see your farm and take photos. I’m super excited to show everyone my heroes & what they’re up to!

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  • Steve Haley

    I’d be happy to share if you consider a 1/2 acre suburban homestead a farm. We have over 400 sqft in raised beds, herb gardens, 10 fruit trees, berry bushes and vines chickens and a dog named Sophie. I am attempting to raise as much food as I can in a permaculture method. We’ve been here 6 years and started from zero. Let me know if you want more or any specific information.

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