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GAPS Legal Stir Fry (Soy Free)

 GAPS Legal Stir Fry


I wanted to make GAPS legal stir fry. It’s an easy dinner, quick, and it would be amazing to have this perfected when summer veggies show their faces! 🙂


This isn’t going to be a recipe, but more of a list. How do you measure stir fry ingredients? Seriously. 🙂

My family is large, so I had to use multiple pans.
1 pan for the shrimp
1 pan for the veggies
1 pot for the sauce
At the end, I tossed it all together in a large bowl and then served.
Ingredients I used:
Frozen shrimp. I had 1 bag of raw shrimp, 1 bag of cooked. I cooked the raw stuff first, then I heated up the cooked stuff.
Frozen stir fry mix. Make sure there are no GAPS-illegal ingredients.
Minced Garlic (LOTS)
Extra chopped onion (because we all need more onions in our life)
Bacon Grease. Yes, I made stir fry in bacon grease. It was going to be missing some of the major flavor from the soy sauce, so I figured I’d try this. 🙂
Beef broth. Ok, truly, I saved the "broth" off of a pot roast I’d made in a crockpot the night before. It was a dark, rich stock. You could use regular beef broth and cook it down quite a bit.
I added in red wine for a really nice flavor.
I added in lots of ground ginger (wish I had fresh on hand).
I added honey instead of sugar. 🙂
I added lots of salt, as well as pepper, garlic powder (plus the minced garlic!) and parsley. The key is lots of salt. You don’t have the soy sauce, so you really need it. Get real salt & it’s super good for you!
Fresh, local shitake mushrooms.
The basic instructions:
I fried up the shrimp in one pan, added minced garlic towards the end. I cooked until just done. You don’t want to overcook shrimp, it will be tough.
I fried up the veggies and onions in another pan, added minced garlic and mushrooms towards the end. I cooked until just done. Stir fry should have "fresh" tasting veggies, not soft and mushy ones.
I put the sauce ingredients into a pot and let it bubble and cook down and become oh-so-amazing.
I tossed it all together in a big bowl and then served. With coconut flour banana muffins. Which didn’t go together, but that was ok with my family. 🙂
Bon appetit!!



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