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Goodbye Heartburn, Acid Reflux and Co-Payments

This is our 12th month on GAPS. Yahoo! We’ve made it almost a full year!

I was curious about my kids’ growth over the past several years compared to this last year, so I looked up their medical records online and made some growth charts. They’re doing fine–they’re all growing well. I want to bulk up Farm Boy 1 and Farm Boy 3 some more (they’re steady-growing, and doing better than in previous years, but they’re still low for their age), so I’m figuring that out. What I was struck by, though was:

We have hardly been to the doctor AT ALL in the past year. Compared to previous years, WOW. A couple of my kids have not seen the doctor in the last year at all! (Note that we’re not opposed to doctors and hospitals–it’s just that they have their place–and when you’re not sick, why go?)…

They are not getting colds.

They have not had the flu.

They have not been sick at all.

And I noticed Farm Boy 2’s medical info. He’s the one that hardly had any symptoms (I thought) and who didn’t need GAPS like the rest of us (I thought). WRONG! The two years before GAPS, I noticed, we were in the doctor’s office several times for his chest pain and acid reflux. I had totally forgotten about that!! At the last appointment, his doctor suggested meds for acid reflux, and I remember walking away from that appointment thinking that there’s got to be another way to cure acid reflux….

Shortly after that, we started GAPS, and guess what? No more acid reflux! YAY! Hooray! I’m so glad!

This was perfect timing, too, because over the years we’ve watched our co-payments go from $5 to $30 per visit, and with 4 kids, that adds up (I know, there are people with higher co-payments out there, so I really shouldn’t complain! ;)). And note that, even with $30 co-payments, we would go to the doctor if we needed to. But we haven’t needed to, and for that we’re thankful! 🙂

The funny thing about acid reflux is that “they” (the medical community) suggest less meat & more grains (and of course, Prilosec). We are eating the *OPPOSITE* of that, and Farm Boy 2’s acid reflux is GONE. (And mine–mine went away when I took wheat out of my diet–I had to take papaya tablets every night before bed & prop my head up with pillows because it was so bad…I have not purchased papaya tablets in 2 years…wheat was the trigger for me).

Note that I’m not a medical doctor, I’m just a mom who has seen a difference in my family’s health over the last year, and I’m really excited to share it! 🙂 🙂


  • vintagegyrl

    We’ve had similar experience in this manner. so exciting to be in control of your own health!!
    Do you have any advice/ blogs on balancing time with cooking & homeschooling? When you do the bulk of your cooking? I have 4 kiddos as well (nursing a baby, too).
    I’m sure it will get easier with time.
    Also do you have any tips for when you do field trips or outings that require lunches? Anything that you depend on taking that is easy??
    Thank you for all your help!

  • Ginny Villers

    I like reading encouraging stories, like this. My mom bought me the GAPS book for Christmas, and it is my plan to start my family on it, this year. For the last 1-2 weeks, we have had a severe cold going through our house (mostly my husband), so I’m looking forward to my family being healthier. I actually just brought my 4 month old into the doctor today because of the cold. We are definitely ready for this change.

  • Ange159

    On gaps for 11 months and have not had to go to the doc for any of our 5 kids. This is dramatically different from the multiple visits per child per year, and the multiple rounds of antibiotics per year for strep and ear infections. I use it as proof that the gaps diet really helps the body stay healthy!

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