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Grain-Free Valentine’s Day Recipes

Valentine’s Day is coming up in less than a week! When you are on a restricted diet, sometimes it is difficult to go out to eat and find something that won’t make you sick. I get it! I wanted to gather up as many grain-free Valentine’s recipes as I could for you. Don’t forget to use the code “loveyoursweeties” to get $5 off of my Grain Free Dessert E-Book by February 15th! There are some amazing recipes in there that I know you will enjoy! 🙂 Here are some more amazing recipes for you to try this Valentine’s Day!


Try my Homemade Honey Sangria recipe for you & your sweetie!


Try these Homemade Cherry Pie “Larabars” by Heather Dessinger @ The Mommypotamus. While you’re at it, check out her book Nourished Baby! 🙂


Dinner Ideas

For starters, try this pretty recipe for Bubi’s Beet Borscht from Homemade Mommy.

And then, have this Spinach, Orange and Pomegranate Salad.

I made up this Pomegranate Curry Cod last week, and my family loved it!

Or this Baked Chicken with Gravy!

And I love these Meatballs with Herb Gravy:

Yum, look at Ariana’s recipe for Wintry Oxtail Glazed with Red Wine, Orange and Rosemary! Isn’t it beautiful?


Coconut Flour Cherry Chip Cupcakes

Raspberry Coconut Gelatin Dessert–you will love the texture & flavor!


Homemade GAPS Friendly Chocolate Truffles from Health, Home & Happiness. Wonder if Chocolate is GAPS Legal? Well, it is! Hallelujah! 🙂

Cheesecake Cookies from Learning and Yearning


Heart Shaped Chocolates for a gluten-free S’mores recipe from Mama and Baby Love

Chocolate Mousse from Homemade Mommy

Mayan Truffles from Nourished Kitchen. Oh my!

Chocolate Covered Caramel Dates mmm, I love these!

Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding (with avocado!) from DIY Natural

Raspberry-Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Butter Belle

Beet Chocolate Cake from Homemade Mommy

Raw Brownies from The Elliot Homestead

Extra Chocolatey Chocolate Coconut Flour Cupcakes

Honey Vanilla Bean Custard with Raw Cacao

Chocolate Peppermint Love Bars


What are you planning to make this Valentine’s Day?


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  • Ariana Mullins

    Thanks for sharing my Oxtail recipe, Brenda! This Valentine’s Day, I’m off the hook for cooking dinner. My husband is going to romance me with his cooking, and so far all I know is that there will be sirloin steak involved– I’m already swooning. 🙂

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