Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

I pray that you will be able to feast on foods that don’t make you ill. That you’ll stick to your convictions, and that if you don’t, that you won’t be riddled with guilt. 😉  I pray that your children will be grateful to eat whatever you serve to them, and that they will not be tempted to eat foods that will not help their body heal. I pray that you won’t have any “flops” today, and that every dish that you prepare will come together beautifully.

I pray that the people around you will be understanding of your food choices. That they will not make your diet an “issue” so that you can instead enjoy the day in relationship with them and in praise of the Savior (in whom THANKS is made possible). I pray that you will remember Him today and what He has done for you. I pray that the beauty of your holiday table, the real foods you consume, the time with loved ones, the smells in the air, and the fullness of your belly will be reminders of His goodness.

Blessings to all of you today!

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