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Healing a Bicuspid Aortic Valve?

{photo credit: Skinned Mink}

My two biological sons were born with a Bicuspid Aortic Valve. There are 3 “leaflets” on the Aortic Valve, and in utero, there was no division formed between 2 of the leaflets. This can lead to complications, and eventually, they may need a valve replacement.

Every 2 years, my boys go up to the children’s hospital for an echocardiogram and an EKG. They enjoy it, because they get to lay down and watch a movie while an ultrasound tech looks at their heart. 😉

Two weeks ago, Farm Boy 2 had his appointment. The doctor said that there was no change. It wasn’t any worse, and it wasn’t any better (and, of course, they don’t expect it to get “better”).

This week, Farm Boy 1 had his appointment. In the past, Farm Boy 1 had two issues going on with his: the valve was leaking (common), and the artery was widening (also common). If he continued down that path, eventually, he would probably need a valve replacement. But this time, his doctor came in and said that she had “good news!” She said that both his leakage AND the widening of the artery had gone away. Healed! Gone! His Bicuspid Aortic Valve looked better than it ever had in the past!

I asked her how that happens. She said that he’s growing into it–that he probably just grew faster than IT grew. She’s talking about my boy who barely grows….and trying to convince me that he grew fast? Ha, ha!

I have another explanation! About a month ago Farm Boy 1 was saying that his teeth hurt (he was pointing to his gums, but at any rate, there was dental pain going on). I re-read Sarah’s post about how she healed her son’s cavity. I decided that it was worth a shot–whether he had cavities forming or not (I don’t know). So, Farm Boy 1 started taking fermented cod liver oil and butter oil every night before bed. He continued to eat GAPS style, including baked goods with honey, honey in herbal tea, etc. The pain in his mouth completely went away.

And now, wa la! His Bicuspid Aortic Valve (which supposedly never improves) has improved!! I don’t think that the physical structure of the valve will change with nutrition, but hey, I guess it may be possible. 😉

So guess who started taking fermented cod liver oil and butter oil that very night? Farm Boy 2! I am now considering an order for the whole family. Seriously, this stuff has amazing healing properties!

And as a side note, they say that Bicuspid Aortic Valve is genetic–one of the parents has to have it. I had a heart murmur when I was a child, and then again when I was pregnant. They thought it must be me. After an echocardiogram back in 2006, they said that indeed, I had a Bicuspid Aortic Valve. At my last echocardiogram (after changing my diet), they said that there must have been a mistake before, I did not have a Bicuspid Aortic Valve. I don’t know what the deal is with that–did it heal? Did I never have it? The Farmer doesn’t have it either. But according to the doctors, one of us has to, if our biological sons have it. I wasn’t taking fermented cod liver oil and butter oil, but I did drastically change my diet. Who knows! But I do know for sure that Farm Boy 1 had leakage + widening of the artery, and now he doesn’t! Yeeeehaw! 🙂

Do you take cod liver oil and/or butter oil? If so, what improvements have you seen in your health?


  • Denise

    We take the FCLO and I LOVE IT!!! At first only my dd1 took it as she was “failure to thrive” and at 9 months old we put her on a goat milk formula and FCLO and she THRIVED and just SNAPPED out of that in a few weeks…amazing..her hair changed (smooth, thick) and her whole face changed—- she grew into a BEAUTIFUL little girl!!

    We now take FCLO as a family– and as a family of 8 we burn thru a bottle a week!!
    We do not take the Butter oil, number 1 because the girls of this house cannot handle cow dairy and so I have not tried it…

  • Annie Beth Donahue

    I do. When I remember. Which is almost every day. I do take the FCLO/BO combination. I have a history of bad teeth. Going to the dentist was pretty depressing. Since going on the GAPS diet (and taking this supplement) my teeth have been great. Last time I went the hygienist said there was hardly anything to clean off of them- and I hadn’t been in a year! It’s hard to separate out what is due to the diet and what is due to the supplement, but I have barely had any illness this winter. I am hoping that when I get my next bone scan, it will show my osteopenia improving as well.

  • Paula

    Our adopted babies underbite is healing as a result of FCLO and a nutrient dense diet. But it is the high levels of A and D that are the main healers. Looking at switching to the fermented Skate oil for a little while, as the levels of A and D are even higher, with the price being a bit lower.

  • Holly

    I bought FCLO/BO capsules recently and was so excited, but after taking for a couple of days and gagging several times at the flavour if they didn’t go down straight away I had stopped. Thanks for this post, you have inspired me to get back on them -in fact I think I’ll go and take two now!

  • Alicia

    How do you get your kids to take it? The only way I have come up with is putting it in a shake, but I don’t make shakes every day.

  • Dblback

    how much butter oil does one take with the FCLO? I have a dentist appointment in a month for a cavity. Gonna try it and see what happens

  • Becca

    Hi i found this after researching bicuspid aortic valve. My son has been diagnosed with it and my father had it. He had to have the aortic valve replaced. I was so excited when I saw your blog. I want to buy cod liver oil to see if it will help my son’s valve. Do i have to get fermented cod liver oil or can I get the plain cod liver oil?

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