How to Wash Eggs

by brenda on January 24, 2011

Farm Boy 3 and I taped this video. Both Farm Boy 1 and 2 were holding cameras, and I went with the one that Farm Boy 1 had been holding, even though I had been looking at Farm Boy 2’s camera. Oops. Well, I’m not great on camera, but you can at least learn how to wash eggs from this! 🙂


We purchased our egg brush on McMurray Hatchery’s website, but I can’t find them on there anymore. It’s similar to this Wooden Face Brush or this Brush for Cats (just don’t use it on eggs and also cats–that would be gross ;)). Actually, this Shoe Shine Brush is closest to what we have.  If you’re using a brush, just make sure it has soft bristles. I’ve also heard of people using old wash rags. Either way would work. I like the size of the little brush, especially for kids and their small hands. Do you have a great tool for washing eggs? Share!



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Brenda May 28, 2011 at 9:40 pm

Hello! We like to dry wash our eggs. We buy those green scrubby pads and getly rub any dirty spots off our eggs. I was excited when my hubby discovered this method 🙂


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