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I’m giving out gifts for my Birthday :)

It’s my Birthday week! This year, for my Birthday, I want to give all of YOU a gift!

Between now and Sept 11, 2011, if you purchase any of the GAPS Legal Meal Plans, you’re going to get some extra weeks (or months!) for FREE!

Purchase the 3 month plan & get 2 extra weeks free.
Purchase the 6 month plan and get a whole MONTH free!
Purchase the 1 year plan and get TWO MONTHS free!

Yes! It IS a Happy Day! 😉

Check out a free sample of the Meal Plans here.

And if you want to make some cupcakes in honor of my Birthday, these are my favorite. 🙂

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  • Emily

    Well, I’m excited! This provided enough motivation for me to get started. I’m starting with 3 months, but if I really like the recipes I will probably continue. The first week of food looks delicious! Thank you, and Happy Birthday!

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