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Is it ok to use Essential Oils on the GAPS Diet?

The GAPS Diet is a strict protocol of foods and supplements for healing the gut. Essential oils have many healing properties and are useful for people who are trying to heal from various ailments. You might wonder, do the two go hand-in-hand? I was curious about the same thing, so I contacted Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to ask her. 🙂 This is what she said:

“Essential oils are compatible with GAPS (externally and internally), just start slowly from a tiny amount. I had people who reacted to them.”

Some oils are not ok to take internally. Make sure you have a good reference guide like the Essential Oils Pocket Reference to look up which oils are recommended for taking this way. And remember that oils from the health food store are not to be taken internally. They say so right on the bottles. You must purchase essential oils that have been third party tested for contaminates. I suggest using Young Living essential oils. They are good oils and they will impact your health! You can buy them through me here!

Have you done GAPS? Did you use essential oils? Which ones did you find to be helpful?

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