Is it possible to eat GAPS through major or chaotic life changes?

by brenda on November 3, 2011

Well, I guess I will be finding out soon as our family is planning a move in less than three weeks! I have a feeling that we will be stocking up on lots of pears and apples to make quick snacks and the crock pot will be in use more often!

*Deep breaths Tarena, deep breaths!*

To make this transition as smooth as possible, I have been making my lists. But I totally forgot that I should be making a REAL FOOD list and meal plan to keep us on track. I will be picking out our easiest meals and we will probably be eating them often these next few weeks. I’m also thinking of having nearly all the meals the week of the move to be frozen meals I doubled from the previous week. Simple is better! =)

Paper products will probably be a must have to help when all the dishes are packed up…and to keep me sane as we pack and unpack! =)

I am even planning to make a real food meal for all our awesome moving helpers that are able to show up on moving day! Usually, moving day was “order pizza and pop”, but that isn’t going to work out this time! The plan is to use three (or more if I can borrow them) crock-pots and make up a roast to make it into the “Chipotle Style Salad” and have as much of it done the day before as possible! It should be easy and delicious! =) I love that any grocery store nearly always has cut up fruit and veggie trays to make eating well SUPER easy!

Pray for me…I’m not a fan of packing! =)

Do you have any suggestions for me as I plan our move while still eating healthy foods?

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Kari November 3, 2011 at 7:57 am

Ok, I LOVE this site. Thank you so much for sharing with us! And you’re in Molalla? I grew up there 🙂 and my parents are still there, it’s our home away from home. 🙂 We just moved a couple weeks ago, and I’m a newbie to this type of eating, but we’re learning. Definitely ate tons of apples, bananas, pears, cheese. I make lots of chili, soups, and yes–the freezer was our friend. Thanks so much for all that you’re doing here. I’m looking forward to learning more from you.


Tarena November 3, 2011 at 10:32 pm

Wow, thank you Kari! You totally made my night (I’m sure Brenda loves this comment too!)!!!
I’m excited to have you here with us as you are learning…I love learning together. Makes the journey so much more fun!
Oh-thanks for mentioning cheese! We haven’t introduced it yet, but it is time! It will make for a quick snack! I better order some soon.


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