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Leftover Chicken & Egg Salad

I have been blessed with a husband who adores a good salad…amazing-I know! =) He will thankfully eat a plain salad, but the more goodness I add in the happier man I find inhaling a salad faster than I can make it!

This salad I whipped up for him with some leftover chicken (I had baked it in the oven with some salt, cayenne pepper and basil). As I was hoping to make it a large salad to keep him full for awhile, I decided to add some hard boiled eggs and topped it off with some soaked and sprouted sunflower seeds. He loved it!

(In case you like to see the “recipe”)

Leftover Chicken & Egg Salad

(GAPS Stage 5, Stage 6 & Full GAPS legal)

3 c. farm fresh lettuce mixed varieties, washed & shredded

1 c. leftover cooked chicken, cut

2 hard boiled eggs, peeled & sliced

1/4 c. sunflower seeds, soaked and sprouted

Serves 2

I also created a quick homemade dressing (if you have never made your own dressing, you must try!! You can hardly go wrong!). Tim tends to enjoy sweeter dressings, so for the first time I decided to make this one sweet for him as I added a hint of honey!

Honey Basil Dressing

(Full GAPS legal…Stage 6 legal if honey is omitted)

4 TB extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp. honey

1 tsp. dried basil

1/4 tsp. salt

Method: Using a fork whisk ingredients together until honey is well incorporated. Serves 2.

Have fun making your own salad dressing and creating delicious salads with any leftovers you may find in your fridge!

(This is what may or may not happen when you make a salad and ask a big sister to feed the baby his yogurt. At least it was homemade, 24 hour cultured, so it must be wonderful for his skin! 😉 And he had a wonderful time making a mess!)

What kind of salad are you going to whip up this week?


  • Dean Ouellette

    Hi, I make a homemade dressing but have been looking for some variety as I always have the same. Looking forward to trying this one too. Saw your site was also included in Jimmy Moore’s list today. Have added it to my RSS, great job looking forward to reading more in the future and possibly connecting online!

    • Tarena

      Hi Dean,
      I hope you enjoy the dressing…it was a really simple one, but tasty! We are always mixing it up with whatever spice sounds good that day! lol!
      Thanks for letting us know about Jimmy Moore’s list! We feel honored that he included us as a health blog for others to check out!
      Have a wonderful day!

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