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Links I loved this June!

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This great post about Oxalates. Jill is a chiropractor and a nutritionist and she is incredibly smart! Her family sticks to GAPS/SCD. If you have not checked out her blog, do! I’ve had people ask me about oxalates and GAPS & I’ve thought about writing a post about it, but I did not feel like I’d researched it enough. Jill knows her stuff, so check it out!

Grain Free Birthday Cakes This post gives a great overview of the different kinds of cakes you can make if you’re going grain-free. It’s got pretty photos, and links to the recipes (including 2 from this very site!). Farm Princess has a birthday coming up this summer, so this post was shared at the perfect time for me!

I love this post about eating Real Food on a Budget. This is a very real issue, good food costs a lot! Real food isn’t just for rich people, though! Check out Heather’s post to find out more.

Have you tried einkorn before? I haven’t, but I’m so curious about it! Maybe someday we will grow it. 🙂 It is the original wheat, and it has a lower gluten content. It wasn’t hybridized or genetically modified or any of that creepy stuff, it’s just plain wheat. Supposedly people who can’t have gluten can tolerate the stuff–see why I’m so curious? I’ve pinned this Mulberry and Buttered Einkorn Crumble and I hope that someday I can try it! 🙂

I love the idea of this Farm Share & Tell event that is happening on Facebook. I think it’s very important for people to meet their farmers! Join the challenge & go visit a farm or 2 (or more!) and then share what you saw/learned!

Check out these links & tell me what your favorite one is! Why?

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