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GAPS and SCD legal recipes for the holidays

A Whole Food Holiday

GAPS and SCD friendly Holiday recipes for people with compromised immune systems. Whole, healthy, good foods for everyone!

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Grain Free Desserts Cookbook


Grain-free dessert recipes from 8 different real-food bloggers! You can see more info about this e-book here. $15.00

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 Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

Thanksgiving Leftover RecipesGAPS & SCD legal recipes for using those Thanksgiving Leftovers! Many of these recipes would be great for lunch or dinner throughout the fall & winter, and some for the entire year! In this book, you’ll find GAPS & SCD legal BREAD and SANDWICHES! Also, you’ll find soups & other goodies that you and your family will enjoy! If you’d like to learn more, see the Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe book page.


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Garden and Preservation Planner

This planner will help you figure out how much you use of each item, and how much you need to grow and when you need to grow it. Read more here.


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GAPS Meal Plans

For a year, I sent out GAPS Meal Plans each week. They include dinner & side dish recipes with the shopping list & photos for 6 days per week.

“I have NEVER made anything from one of your recipes and not had EVERYONE LOVE IT!” -Julie

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My birth story of Isaac, my 26 week preemie, is in my friend Angie’s book, Redeeming Childbirth. Our family’s GAPS healing story is in GAPS Stories.


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