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Organizing Your Gardening Supplies

I know that there are lots of different methods for organizing gardening supplies. I thought I’d share mine today! In the photo above, you can see lots of garden goodies! On the left is the basket I carry with me every time I go out. In it, I keep plant labels, gloves, big packets of seeds (that are too large to fit in my other baskets), a sharpie, my garden calendar (I’ll post about this soon) and my cell phone.

I got these 2 little baskets at the Dollar Tree:

I keep all of my seeds in alphabetical order by type (not necessarily by name–all Beans are together, for example) in these baskets. Having multiple baskets to bring out to the garden is not a big deal to me because I’ve got 4 kiddos who come out to the garden with me, and they always have willing hands to carry something. They are very proud to be able to carry these important baskets! If I were going out to garden alone, I would probably consolidate these into one larger basket.

I keep all of my gardening supplies on a small bookshelf that is right next to our laundry room/mud room, ready to go outside.

I hope this helps you!

How do you organize your gardening supplies?

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