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Our New Favorite Treat – Yummy Orange Yogurt Recipe



When I was a kid, I LOVED Yoplait Mandarin Orange Yogurt. Often, they would come out with peach yogurt and they’d stop carrying my favorite orange kind (though it was tricky, the peach kind LOOKED like the orange kind). I was sad. I liked the orange kind. Then, I think when I was in high school, they came out with the Creamsicle kind and it became harder and harder to find my favorite Mandarin Orange kind. 🙁 I don’t even think they make it any more.

What did I love about it? It had little tiny bits of orange, and it actually tasted like real orange. It was white (like yogurt should be) with the little orange bits in it. The Creamsicle kind tastes like orange-chemicals and it’s orange (that’s just not right), and there are no bits of real orange. Not to mention the sugar (and soy and corn and whatever else they probably put in there) that we’re not eating these days.

I was craving my favorite yogurt the other day, so I came up with this:

Yummy Orange Yogurt (for a family)

6 cups plain Whole Milk Yogurt

1/2 cup Honey

2 Oranges (full size, or maybe 3-4 small mandarins), peeled

2 TB vanilla


Mix everything but the oranges in a bowl. Cut the oranges into tiny bits. Pick up the bits of oranges and squeeze the juice into the yogurt. Then add the orange bits into it. Stir the whole thing and then serve. YUM. YUM. YUM! 

We love it. I hope you love it too! 🙂


  • Bethany ~ Sustainable Food For Thought

    Brenda, we’re on the same wave length! I love it. I’ve been doing this in my kitchen, too, and it’s so good to know that the ingredients are pure, the containers are recyclable, and the price is so affordable.

    I must say, I’m pretty partial to peach 🙂

    I’m hoping to bring varieties of homemade yogurts to our next Food Swap, too!

    Fun to keep in touch with you… Hope you and the family are well.


  • Trina

    I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks (found you through one of the real food link ups). What drew me to your blog is your gentle spirit as you try to persuade people toward better health. Thanks for your example.

    I would love to hear what kind of success you have had interacting with close friends and family with health issues that you know the solution to. I am so burdened by the obesity, infertility, and cancer rampant even in my own circle of friends – but they are blind to the fact that what they eat can drastically affect their health (for good or bad). Currently prayer is my approach as talking about it is like hitting a brick wall!

    • brenda

      Thank you for your sweet comments. It is hard dealing with people you love & food. Food is such a big deal–emotions, culture, family tradition–it’s all tied to FOOD. When you change your diet for the better, sometimes people around you can feel like you look down on them. And it’s not that you look down on them–it’s the food! 🙂 Most Americans have no clue how tainted and disgusting a lot of the food that is so easily accessible is! I think it’s sad!
      Also, rejecting people’s food can make them feel unloved–this has been a really tough one for me. I don’t want anyone to feel unloved! BUT–I’ve had to learn, my body can’t tolerate a lot of the junk. I am super, super sensitive and if I eat “off” of the diet, my body is not healthy for at least a few days to a week or more. This impacts my role as a mom, wife, homemaker, etc. So as much as I love others, I love my family so much that I HAVE to say no to foods that aren’t good for me.
      Anyways! This is a really hard subject! We are the only ones among family who have veered off of the Standard American Diet (SAD) way of eating. We have many friends who eat similar to us, or who at least “get” why we eat this way, even if they don’t.
      In some instances, we’ve learned, we just can’t talk diet. We just can’t. There are people we love who choose the Western Medicine route to “cure” chronic diseases (and it ain’t working…which is sad to watch) and who believe that food does not impact our health. We have to just love these people where we’re at. We can watch their disease progression and make choices for ourselves–do we want the same fate? Absolutely not! So we choose a healthy life now, before we get to that point…but that’s our choice. And in order to enjoy our time with those people, we have to let our choice be our choice and their choice be their choice…..(And pray for them)…As painful as it is to watch them get sicker….
      I hope that helps…..

  • Jen

    Brenda, my DH LOVES the orange yogurt and we could only find it at certain stores. thanks so much for this recipe, though, much healthier!!

  • Jenni

    Hi Brenda,
    I have been in and out since I first found your blog last fall. I love your blog, I love how you are eating and feeding your kids (my kids are on GAPS too), and I love your passion to help others join you!
    I just wanted to post a hello! I know a few months ago you took a few foster children into your home and I check back periodically to see if there is any update about that. I hope you area all doing well and please continue to post on the blog…when you can…I know how busy you are – just the diet alone can eat up all of your time.

    • brenda

      Jenni, Thank you for saying hello and for checking in!! We are well–and BUSY! 🙂 I love this blog, I want to keep it up. I hope to be writing more often, as I think most of the crazy-life-transitioning is over for a while. 🙂
      I hope you are well too! Blessings to you!

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