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Planning for Saturday…which is really planning for Sunday?

So, this might seem a bit confusing, but you all are brilliant-so I know you’ll come to understand this sleep-deprived mama! =)

In a real food kitchen you NEED a day of rest.

Not just “maybe”, but you REALLY need it. Not only do I believe that this is the way the Lord created us, but that we will see our best healing on GAPS when we have a good day of rest.

This doesn’t happen by itself.

Is anyone else out there as bad at planning ahead as I am? I sure hope I’m not the only one, because meal planning,(or just calendar planning!) can be a challenge for me!=)

To create a day of rest we HAVE to start now…plan to buy extra food today to make a double batch of your meals on Saturday. This might mean that you cook the double batch on Saturday, or you just prepare the extra meal on Saturday.

For our family I like to plan ahead to buy food to make a double batch on Saturday. On Saturday I usually just prepare the food by putting it in the crockpot and throw the whole thing in the fridge:

Breakfast on Sunday is usually just scrambled eggs, which I don’t mind cracking and whisking together in the morning, but sometimes if I’m really on top of it (not often!) I will have the eggs all cracked and whisked in a bowl in the fridge and I’ll even have the pan on the stove ready to go!

Before we leave for church I will pull out the crock from the fridge and put it into the base that is already on the counter and TURN IT ON…don’t forget that part! =)

When we come home, lunch is ready! (Don’t ya love that!)

Dinner will either be leftovers, or I’ll have pre-made up a casserole or salad in the fridge that just needs the leftover meat from lunch thrown in to make it a “new” dish!

So, if you haven’t gone shopping for this weekend yet, add the ingredients you need to make your Sunday as restful as possible!

I’ll be back on Saturday just to give you a quick reminder, but if your not in the habit of this, it might be helpful to actually schedule time on your calendar for Saturday to prepare for your awesome day of rest!

You are amazing and you are doing an awesome job! Don’t forget that!

If you have a real food kitchen and rest on Sunday, how do you work it in your kitchen?


    • tarena

      Denise, I loved seeing all your stocking up to start Intro! =) It is a blessing to see others actively helping their family…even when it is a large family! =)
      I’ll say a prayer for you today…that the Lord would give you peace and energy during this time!

  • Diana B

    We keep a Saturday Sabbath, but the concept is the same. We spend Friday as ‘prep day’. We get the house in excellent working order so all we have on Saturday is basic picking up after yourself.

    Unfortunately, my planning hasn’t always been great when it comes to meals. We have afternoon church services, so we sleep in on Saturday and have a late breakfast. We really should take a snack with us to church because by the time we get back home we are STARVING.

    And as much as I’d love to have dinner prepped and going before we leave, 50% of the time we end up getting invited to someone else’s house for dinner. 🙂

    I love your tips. It is important to give yourself a day of rest!

  • tarena

    Thank you so much for sharing what a day of rest looks like at your home! I love that you are invited over to other homes much of the time! Reminds me that we need to have guests over sometime soon!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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