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Real Food Christmas Presents

Let’s say you’ve got some people you’re giving gifts to who will only eat real food. Imagine that! None of the typical Christmas junk for these people. So what do you get them, besides non-food items?

And let’s say that you want to fill their stockings with some goodies. Since you’re not buying candy canes, M&M tubes or Lifesaver books, what do you do?


Well, don’t worry! REAL FOOD is becoming more readily available. YAY! Check out these options & you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 🙂


Honey Candies

Honey Mint Patties

Chocolate Ginger Patties

Chocolate Pomegranate Patties

Chocolate Mint Patties

Honey Mint Patties

Honey Delights

Honey Drops

Honey Stix

Honey Drops with Lemon

Honey Sprinkles


Dried Fruits

Unsulfered Apricots

Dried Cranberries

Dried Blueberries

Dried Cherries

Dried Mangos

Cinnamon Apple Chips


Baking Ingredients

Honey Pearls

Date Sugar

Really Raw Honey

Wee Bee Raw Honey

Coconut Oil

Shredded Coconut

Coconut Cream

Coconut Butter

Organic Grass Fed Ghee


Probiotics & Fish Oil


Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Kefir Starter Culture

Nuts & Nut Butters

Almond-Pecan Nut Butter

Raw, Soaked & Dried Cashews



Coconut Aminos

Flowering Tea Set


And don’t forget to put an orange in their stockings! A real orange, not a chocolate one, of course!

Do you have any real-food gift ideas? Share!

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