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Real Food for Rookies

This is an advertisement, but not a paid advertisement! 🙂 No affiliate linking here.Kelly the Kitchen Cop is hosting an e-course called Real Food for Rookies , and I just wanted to suggest it to all of you out there who want to make the jump to cooking real food but don’t know how.

My family is in our 9th month of the GAPS diet by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. It was originally written to be used on kids with Autism, (thus the title, “Gut and Psychology Syndrome”), but I believe that it is beneficial to SO many more people than just Autistic kids (I think pretty much every person in the world would benefit from the GAPS diet!!). She is writing another book, “Gut and Physiology Syndrome,” I can’t WAIT until that comes out!!!  (and she has another good one, “Put Your Heart in Your Mouth,” about heart disease). I see people all around me getting sick/having arthritis/having depression/having digestive distress/getting cancer/having autoimmune problems, etc., etc., etc….And it always amazes me how *most people don’t see a connection between what they fuel their body with and how their body feels.* Or maybe they see it, but they don’t know how to change it–I think that’s how I used to be. I knew it–I knew what I believed was the ideal way to eat–but I wasn’t living it, and I felt terrible. Now that we’re living the way we believe (in the area of nutrition, at least! ;), it’s SO interesting to see the changes. I mentioned yesterday that I accidentally had wheat at a restaurant (apparently rice pilaf contains pasta?? you mean they aren’t just bigger pieces of rice??). Tonight I have a migraine. NO FUN. I used to get them *often,* but now, honestly, I can’t remember when the last time was…Healthy eating has impacted my life SO tremendously that I want *everyone* to eat healthy!!

The GAPS diet might be a big jump for people (I was technically “cheating” even eating rice–it was that or potatoes–or no side…I figured rice would be ok for 1 day). Anyways, I think this Real Food for Rookies course is a good place to start for some basics/some of the why’s and how to’s.

I keep thinking about the movie Wall E…..I think it paints an interesting picture…The overweight people who sit in their chairs all day eating whatever is given to them (whatever they order) without ever asking a single question about it—-the majority of our country is pretty much the same. We go through the drive through window getting a burger, fries, and a soda, assuming it’s food (though it’s chemical properties barely even resemble anything our great great grandmother would have eaten!), and we don’t ask questions…And, we, as a culture, are getting bigger and bigger–and having more cancer, heart attacks, strokes, thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes. And we don’t ask questions or make changes. We just move along the same path as everyone else (just like the people in Wall E), grabbing 15-ingredient “yogurts” off of the grocery store shelf, and then wondering why everyone around us is sick…..(side note, yogurt needs 2 ingredients and that’s it…not 15…).

Anyways….I’ll get off my soap box now! Take that class if you don’t know where to start. It’s your health. It’s your children’s health. I believe the way we eat even impacts our grandchildren’s health. Ask questions. Make changes. That’s all I have to say! 🙂

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