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Salt & Pepper Mixture

 salt & pepper mixture


I was saving sugar in this container for over a year, "just in case" people came to my house and wanted sugar in their tea or coffee. I think we may have used it once during that time, most people are fine with honey. I decided that we didn’t need to keep the sugar anymore, so I dumped it out, washed (and dried!) the jar, and came up with a new usage for it: Salt & Pepper mixed together!

I love having salt & pepper mixed, right by my stove, because it is so easy to add to foods while I am cooking. And it’s easy-cheesy to prepare. Just wash (and totally dry) the jar or container or shaker you will be using. Then add in:

3/4 salt

1/4 pepper


You could use cups, teaspoons, tablespoons–depending on the size of your container. 


Easy & useful! 🙂


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