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Staple Meals: Breakfasts


This picture of eggs (from our farm!) was taken by my friend Tarena of Three Tree Photography. Check out her beautiful work!


Since we have 8 kiddos in our home and lots of appointments and life is REALLY busy, I haven’t been coming up with lots of brand new recipes. Instead, I stick to my staples. I’m not going to type up full recipes here, but I want to give you an idea of what we eat around here. 🙂


We used to have smoothies every day, but with 3 3 year olds and a 2 year old, that can get pretty messy!!! I make eggs just about daily. Sometimes we have fruit with our eggs, sometimes we don’t. 🙂

I often bake eggs. This is easy for me because I can whip them up, pop them in the oven and then take a shower and get ready before the kids are even up. No standing over the stove while they’re whining for breakfast because they’re staaaarrrvvving.

How I make Baked Eggs:

I scramble up about 18 to 24 eggs with some yogurt. Maybe 1/2 to 1 cup. I add in salt, pepper, other spices (I love garlic, parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme together. Yum). Sometimes I add in meat, many times veggies, always cheese (cheddar, jack, swiss, whatever I feel like that day…we always have cheese in the house ;)). I grease the pan with butter or bacon grease or coconut-ghee. If I’m not adding any meat, I prefer bacon grease because it adds a nice meaty-flavor. I add in my veggies raw or saute them if I have time (usually I don’t have time to do this). I have frozen bags of peppers, spinach, zucchini, asparagus, peas, etc. I froze sauteed mushrooms in cupcake pans and then popped them out & store them in the freezer. I minced onions and froze them in ice cube trays & popped them out. These are nice additions to eggs.

So, I scramble up the eggs, yogurt, spices, and then add in whatever else I feel like adding that day. I grease the pan, pour the mixture inside, and pop in in the oven. I keep the oven somewhere around 350 or 375, or 400 if I’m running late. 🙂 It takes between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the temp and the quantity of ingredients. Sometimes I top it with cheese near the end. 



I love frittatas. I love crispy cheese on my eggs. Yum. I saute veggies in my cast iron skillet, pour in some scrambled up eggs and cook partially. Then I top the whole mixture with a bunch of cheese and stick it under the broiler for a couple of minutes. Mmmm…


My favorite egg add ins~

Today I made YUMMY scrambled eggs. I sauteed some minced onions in coconut-ghee. Then I added in the eggs, and then some of our very own ham (thanks to our pigs, Luke & Leia!) that I had baked and diced up. Then I added in A LOT of shredded cheddar cheese. It was soooo good. Every one of the kids wanted seconds.

I LOVE bacon and peas together in an egg dish, especially a frittata with crispy cheese. Yummy.


Granola days~

Once per week we will have Grain Free Granola on yogurt. This is super filling to me, but not quite enough for the kids, so I serve it with some kind of eggy thing, but usually with less eggs than a normal day.


On the go breakfast~

We’re driving to appointments early in the morning once per week these days and it’s a 1 hour drive, so I make breakfast for the car. I make Applegate Farms Chicken Apple Breakfast Sausages. They don’t have any added sugar, fillers or preservatives and my family likes them. My family can eat 3 or 4 boxes at one meal. 😉  I bake them in the oven while I shower. I cut up some kind of fruit (this week it was tangerines). We also have some kind of muffin. This week my mom made honey-coconut muffins for us when she was here the day before. I might stick to that kind every week, because adding in blueberries or other things might get messier in the car. 🙂 I purchased some cardboard clamshell "to go" type containers from Cash & Carry, and I pack up each kid’s breakfast with a napkin and a sippy cup or sports bottle filled with water, and we eat on the road!



I like making coconut flour pancakes or banana pancakes, but truth be told, I don’t think I’ve made them in almost 2 months. 🙂 Farm Princess asks every day "what are we having for breakfast?" and when I say "eggs" she says "ohhh…we never have pancakes. Pancakes are my favorite." 😉 One of these days!! They’re just so time consuming with so many hungry little ones.


And that’s what we eat for breakfast! 🙂



  • Cheryl Porter

    We have pancakes sometimes and I make extra to put in the freezer. Pop them in the toaster oven and have a quick breakfast another day!

    We were drooling over your egg breakfasts! Thanks for the idea about freezing mushrooms! This year we will be “in the veggies” with our garden (Lord willing).

  • Michelle

    We are new to GAPS and I am having SOOOO much trouble keeping my kids full. They want to eat every hour or so. I feed them 2 eggs and some yogurt and fruit for breakfast my 5 and 6 yr olds complain they are still starving. Maybe they are growing? what are some ideas for making this more economical? 6 of us = lots of food and my hubby works a hard, physical job and can eat about 2,500 cal. a day.

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