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Taco/Pizza Eggs

This is a fast and easy dinner/breakfast that I made up and we ate this evening. It’s a way to make eggs go further when you don’t have enough to feed your family. My family (of 6) can easily eat 15 eggs. Yes, we’re big egg eaters. Our chickens are only producing about 9 eggs per day, so we have to get creative sometimes! Tonight I made us this simple dinner, with only 6 eggs.

6 eggs
Salt & Pepper
grease for the pan (butter, or I always prefer bacon grease for eggs =)
Pre-cooked taco meat (1/2 lb? 1/4? this recipe is really flexible! Keep pre-cooked taco meat in your freezer!)
1/2 to 1 cup salsa
10-20 slices of cheddar cheese
An oven-proof pan

Grease the pan thoroughly and pre-heat. I use a cast iron pan. Please don’t use teflon coated pans, for your family’s health. As soon as your budget allows, make it a priority to replace your pans with cast iron or at least stainless.
Get the pan hot at medium-high heat, and make sure the grease is all melted. Scramble the eggs in a bowl with salt & pepper. Pour into the heated pan. Turn down the heat a little bit, but don’t touch those eggs!
Let them cook as if you’re cooking an omelet. When you think the eggs look like they’re done on the bottom, but are still a little wet on top, add the toppings.
#1 the ground beef
#2 Salsa. If you have kids who will complain about the salsa, only put it on 1/2, or top yours with salsa at the end.
#3 The cheese. I slice cheddar cheese and make sure that the whole thing is covered in cheese. =)

Turn off the burner, and pop this goodie under the broiler for just a couple of minutes. Watch it carefully! Take it out when the cheese starts bubbling and turns a little bit golden. YUM!

I slice it into wedges & tonight I served it with watermelon. My boys would have happily eaten more, but nobody went to bed starving. =) What an easy meal to whip out after a long day!

You could also top it with sour cream, or you could add any veggies of your choice. Peppers might be nice! Soon, for my kids, I plan to make this like pizza–pizza sauce, and canadian bacon, and pepperoni cheese on top of it all. Get creative!

Bon appétit!


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