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Things I Love & things I want to Try

Things I love:

That the sun has come out!! At least mostly! The kids have the little plastic pool out in the backyard and they have been playing like crazy!

My peas are growing! My garden is huge (50 feet by 100 feet) and so far it’s looking beautiful! (Read: the weeds have not had time to overtake the whole thing!!).

Biokult from the GAPS Diet Store. I mentioned before that I’d stopped taking it and my belly fat increased and so did my weight. It’s not perfect yet, but Biokult has been the key to the weight going back down again & the belly fat decreasing a bit. I have not changed my diet and am still “coming off of GAPS” and eating potatoes and buckwheat. Taking Biokult was the only change I made. Yay!

Making popsicles! Fruit Juice Popsicles are easy to make and they are such a refreshing treat! And through this Friday (6/1) you still have a chance to win some BPA-free popsicle molds!

That chocolate is GAPS legal. I love chocolate! This sunflower seed butter fudge is so easy to make and have on hand for a “quick fix.”

Salmon. It’s so good for Vitamin D levels! We live in Oregon and since the sun is rare and sporadic, we need vitamin D from our food! I love that sustainably caught Alaska Salmon from I Love Blue Sea costs the same as the salmon at our local Costco!! WOW! Good fish for a great price! I’m stocking up!


Things I want to try:

Making a solar oven. I don’t have the exact plan I’m using yet, but I’m going to try it!

Making homemade sunscreen. Seriously!? This is too cool!!!

Lovage Soup. I’ve never heard of lovage! I can’t wait!

I’ve been making a lot of herbal iced tea lately and I’ve got this Hibiscus Tea on my list!

I am SO making this Coconut Lemon Fudge the next time I pick up some lemons! I tried growing a Meier Lemon Tree in my house once and it died. Anyone else try this?

Making homemade insect repellant before our first camping trip of the year. Mosquitos are particularly fond of Farm Boy 3! Poor kid!


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  • Heather

    Hi, I have been on gaps for a couple months and finally increased my probiotic tolerance enough to take biokult. Gaps recommends taking 6-8 a day for adults. This seems like it will get expensive. I was wondering how many pills you take?

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