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What my 9 year old thinks about the Paleo Diet :)

This is Farm Boy 2 after he went down a huge slip ‘n slide at Camp Revolution, a Nancy Thomas camp that we recently went to (an attachment camp for our adopted kiddos that was AMAZING!).


I love asking my kids questions that they might not know the answers to, just to see how cute their answers are. 🙂 This is my 9 year old son, Farm Boy 2.

Quick bio: he’s a hard worker, pretty responsible, sometimes silly and creative kid. While most kids would prefer to play, he wants to be in the kitchen helping us with the dishes because he loves talking to us. His name means “bold and faithful” and he lives up to it. When he thinks something is right or wrong, he wants to tell the world. Once upon a time I had to teach him that it wasn’t polite to tell all of his friends that their food wasn’t healthy. 😉 He used to majorly struggle with sugar cravings. Ever since he was 6, he’s said that he feels like God is calling him to be a missionary pilot. Since then he’s been reading everything he can about airplanes and missionaries, and he adores missionary pilot newsletters! (He is totally inspired by my friend Joy’s husband Dave, an MAF pilot in Indonesia!). He’s 9 and he’s already talking about college (he wants to go to Moody Bible’s aviation program, in Spokane, WA, and if that is where God leads him, we support that!). He is a great kid and I’m proud to call him my son!

(Keep in mind as you read his answers, he’s a crazy-reader, and if I leave books laying around, he picks them up and reads them. If I’m reading a book, he often wants to know what it’s about and I’ll read little bits to him and we talk through what it means. He’s a smart cookie! Yesterday some “punk kids” 😉 saw my kids and I returning a HUGE stack of library books, and the kids said, kind of condescendingly “whoa, those kids read a lot!” My kids thought it was the best compliment ever! That’s the kind of kids I have!)

Here are his answers to my Paleo questions.

I’m actually quite impressed. He knew more than I thought! 🙂


Do you know what the Paleo Diet is?

Yeah, they’re evolutionists, and it’s written by a guy with the last name…um…It’s either Wolf or Stone or something like that.

(This one cracked me up!! Matt Stone, my 9 year old thinks you’re Paleo! 🙂 🙂 🙂 )


And what do they eat? 

It’s kind of like GAPS but kind of different. They don’t eat some things that GAPS people eat, I think maybe they don’t eat meat or something? Or maybe they do. I forget. I think I saw a recipe in a cookbook with picture of meat on it. And they don’t eat honey, right? And no dairy for Paleo. I think the GAPS intro is basically Paleo.


Where did they get their ideas about food from?

I think from hunter gangs or something like that.


Do you think Paleo is healthy?

Yeah, I think it’s very healthy.


Do you think that we should be Paleo?

No, because of the beliefs behind it. I think that the food that they eat is very healthy, but their beliefs are not.


And what exactly are their beliefs?

Well, I don’t know for sure, but I think they go back, as they would say “billions and billions of years ago.” 🙂


What do your kids think about the Paleo Diet? 🙂


  • Sarah

    I don’t get this? So you are telling your children you don’t eat Paleo because they are evolutionists and you are not? Interesting way to make your diet decisions and teach your children!

    • Natalie

      I don’t think that was the impression she made. The diet is fine and healthy, the belief behind it – not so much… to those believing that God created the world, around 6-7 THOUSAND of years ago. 🙂

  • Angela

    Wow Brenda, your son cracks me up! 🙂 That’s fantastic that he’s considering missionary work!

    My little family is doing full GAPS now and then easing into Intro and then back out again after that. It has been a wild ride already… Your blog is a big help with recipes. Thanks so much!

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