What age should a child be to mow the lawn?

I love the things that I learn from all of you on Facebook. If you’re not following, you’ll want to make sure to join in on the conversation! I want to start sharing some of the things that I’ve learned with you right here! This week on Facebook, I asked “Do your kids mow the lawn? How old were they when they learned how?”

The answers varied, between the onlinecasinogo.com.au ages of 6 and 12. Here are the percentages:

6 years old – 5%

7 years old – 11%

8 years old – 5%

9 years old – 28%

10 years old – 22%

11 years old – 11%

12 years old – 17%


What do you think? What age should a child be to mow the lawn?


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  • Vanessa Pruitt

    This can vary so much. I do think that our society is getting a bit crazy in it’s opinions about what is too early for a child to do something. I just had someone tell me last week that they didn’t think it was appropriate for my almost 7 year old to even play outside by himself! We’ve been working up to these moments of responsibility with him for over 2 years. I think it definitely depends on the individual child. But I do not think that 6-7 would be too young as long as the child could complete the task physically and understood the precautions.

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