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Whole, Healthy Foods on the Brain

Today I have lots of food on my brain! πŸ™‚


Tomorrow I begin a new little “business” I’m starting. It’s the beginnings of us *someday* being able to grow, sell, and deliver farm fresh foods. But for now, since all we’ve grown & can sell are chickens, I am picking up foods from other local farms. I also do bulk orders of coconut oil, coconut milk, beans, seeds, etc., and divide them up and deliver. I originally thought I would do this every week, but after this week’s amount of work, I am thinking every 2 weeks will be sufficient. =)

So, today, I went to a farm, one that my husband and I have been buying from for the past two summers. We really believe in the phrase “Shake the hand that feeds you,” (thank you Michael Pollan), though, I can’t say I remember us ever shaking Bill’s hand. πŸ™‚ But at least we have conversations with him, and we know where he lives, and we know that he grows our food–and since we don’t eat grains, and he grows veggies, he grows a lot of what we eat.

I brought two huge rubbermaid tubs, filled them with veggies, plus had more! And today, Bill (a very nice farmer) gave me a bunch of pumpkins so that I can roast them for seeds! And, a bunch of little gourds to give out to my customers friends tomorrow! Yay!

I will be car-schooling (Story of the World on CD and a break for Library Story Time) and bringing veggies, fruits, pumpkin seeds, and coconut oil to friends tomorrow. If you live around Canby, Mulino, Molalla or Oregon City and you want to be on my e-mail list, just let me know! πŸ™‚


Another reason food is on my mind~~I have been creating GAPS and SCD friendly Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes…..stay tuned for more information on this project!


  • brenda

    Nikki, I’m picky about it being in glass. =) I get it by the case through Azure. I don’t like plastic, especially fats in plastic. I know, I’m weird… =)

  • Jenni

    Dear Brenda,
    I stumbled upon your blogs (initially “One Lovely Mess” that led me to “Serious Moms” that led me here) tonight after a google search for GAPS friendly pumpkin pie. I have been reading your journey through you blogs since that stumble (I think I started around 8:30 and here it is now 1 am). I am more than elated to have found you.
    Your journey is very similar to ours. I have found myself at more than one point tonight thinking,”That is so similar to what I (we) experienced. I would love to share my story, but this comment box won’t let me and you might not have the time to read it.
    Before my space expires here let me just say I am so very thankful for your blogs. Our journey has been difficult, isolating, lonely, and at times seemingly hopeless. We do feel like the GAPS diet is our very best hope. We know it is a better way to live and eat!
    Maybe some day God will allow our paths to cross. For the time being I am thankful for your blogs!
    Better get to sleep – Church in the morning solo! My husband is a pastor and gets up at 4 am on Sunday mornings to prep. I’m also pregnant right now with #3. Between that and being only a month into GAPS my body is trying to figure out what is going on…in a good way though!
    Good night and keep writing –
    I’ll be looking for those Thanksgiving recipes…that’s how the night began.

    • brenda

      I am so glad that you found this blog (through my many blogs! :)), and I am also glad that GAPS is working for you!! I am blogging here about GAPS from now on. One Lovely Mess will be going away eventually and Serious Moms is more for parenting stuff. πŸ™‚
      You can e-mail me at Brenda at SeriousMoms dot com if you want to chat about more than the comment box will allow! πŸ™‚
      I’ve loved finding other GAPS and SCD bloggers, too. You’re right, it can be isolating doing such a “different” kind of diet. Most people go to the grocery store and buy packages of junk and don’t ask questions about it.
      Good for you, making the change for your health!!

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