Paleo Honey Ketchup

Paleo Honey Ketchup from The Well Fed Homestead. Very simple ingredients, perfect for people on GAPS, SCD, Gluten-Free or Paleo diets.

by brenda on November 2, 2010

I spent the evening making ketchup! Since we’re on the GAPS Diet and we don’t eat any processed foods, sugar or high fructose corn syrup, I pretty much have to make my own condiments. I have 3 little boys who love ketchup with their nitrate-free, sugarless organic hot dogs, so I have to make a lot of this stuff!

I started with the recipe from Storey’s Basic Country Skills on page 456, but I tweaked it a little.

This recipe has been moved to my new site, One Lovely Mess. Check it out! :)




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  • Alissa

    Hi there, I would like to try this recipe but doubt I could get organic tomatoes this time of year – do you think I could used canned?

  • greenmama

    I’ve made the ketchup recipe in the GAPS cookbook three times (adding cinnamon, cloves, and allspice), and each time it turned out differently. Plus, it’s tough not to be able to have a steady supply and to have to make a fresh batch each time we run out. I was really wishing there was a recipe for GAPS ketchup that I could can…and then I ran across yours. Thank you SO much!! I made a batch yesterday and it is SO delicious. I don’t care for ketchup, but I could eat this by the spoonful. It is a little sweet for us, I’m wondering if I could cut it down to 3 cups honey and have it turn out safe to can? It also took *way* longer than 15 minutes to thicken back up after I added the honey and vinegar, more like an hour. But it was definitely worth it and I’m hoping to make another batch to make sure my ketchup loving GAPSter children have plenty of ketchup available until this time next summer. Thank you SO much for this recipe!!

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